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  • William C. Elliott - Good Product

    I have used Kaspersky Internet Security for years and have never had a problem. I just install it and forget about it. I like being able to install it on up to three PCs, and I don't have to buy Anti-Virus software separately; it's included with this product. Also a great price. I plan to renew my Kaspersky subscription every year -- if it's not broke . . . .

  • Stanley P. Liebman - DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

    worst stuff I ever used on my laminate floors. I bought it to get the splotches from the snow and salt that was left on my livingroom floor after the long winter. It left my floor looking worse then when I started. I have even more splotches then before. I have footprints on my floor that I didn't have before and I can't get them out. it also left a white film in certain places. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  • Beverly Hill - Quality Machine

    I ordered this treadmill to replace our old one which we had literally worn out. This unit was delivered on the date scheduled and the freight driver was kind enough to bring it inside for me. When you first open the box, it does indeed look a bit daunting but I fished out the instructions (packed inside of a smaller box) and looked them over. The key to any successful assembly is laying out all of your parts and familiarizing yourself with them. That being said, the assembly still didn't fly by. It would help immensely if the manufacturer would label the parts. Seriously, a few stickers wouldn't kill them (I'm docking one star for this.) I'm also going to do you a solid and let you know that L63 & L65 and R66 & R67 (handlebar covers) come in the box in what appears to be a single piece. NOTE: They are not a single piece. You will need to snap them apart in order to slide the lower covers up the upright tubes (and yes, later there will be screws involved.)

  • Papakevin - Awesome little product for pain relief.

    Looks cheap and seems cheaply made. That out of the way, this thing is amazing. Works well for pain, pads are awesome and reusable. Can't beat it for the money!