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  • R. Riley - Very efficient protection with minimal use of resources

    I installed WebRoot Secure Anywhere AV to replace Norton Internet Security (which I also liked) just to reduce the drain on my Windows 8 system. So far, I am really liking the WebRoot product, but as far as I know, I've not yet been subjected to any virus or trojan attacks, so of course I can't say how it would do if my pc was attacked.

  • Alexandra - This is a life changing opportunity

    First off all the 1 star reviews are fake because before purchasing this product I searched long and hard for reviews and I found only positive reviews. Check them on Facebook my name is yakov shpak I'm featured there, you can message me on Facebook ill answer any questions you have about cb1 don't hesitate !


    This is listed as "Lactose free" but what came is just the regular pediasure. I called amazon and they were going to send out a replacement until I talked to pediasure customer service and realized they don't make a special "lactose free" version but kids with lactose sensitivity shouldn't have an issue. We kept it and use it but I thought I was ordering a special "lactose free" version that doesn't exist.

  • Dawn Formoe - DONT DO IT. it was a major disappiintment with high pressure to be a partner after 7 days

    The product delivered minor fading of brown spots. MINOR. Not one wrinkle, crows feet or scar has been changed because of the product.

  • James S. Lentz - Neverwet rated as a "Do not Buy" from Consumers Digest

    Product does not work for long. Consumers digest rated it as a do not buy. Waterproof effects are only temporary and rub off easily. Save your money.

  • Jean Russell - "F" rating from Better Business Bureau

    You must give LifeCell a credit card number for them to charge shipping and handing for your promised trial. If you order the trial of this product you will receive a full size 2 month supply tube. If you do not return the unused portion of the tube within 30 days of your purchase the company will automatically charge your credit card the full amount for the tube, and will continue the automatic billing every 2 months. You must have your purchase number and fill out the correct form provided on their site to return the tube. They will encourage you to continue to use the product because it takes more than two weeks to see the effects of the cream so they can get the full money for the tube.