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Headachepainfreeforums Forums - Headachepainfreeforums This board is a support forum for Migraine and headache sufferers. There is also a forum for Bartter and Gitelman syndrome, magnesium, and a question and answer forum which is answered by an RN or MD.We have just added a new board - FMLA. If you suffer with a chronic illness and are being harrassed at work - this is the forum for you to get your work related questions asked.

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  • Amazon Customer - Pens aren't for women

    I am so amazed that BIC is making this. The last thing we need are women writers. Pens were made for men. Hell, we're the ones with a PENis. If a woman has something to say, tell a man, if its important enough to remember, we will write it down for you. That's the way its always been, and that's the way it should stay.

  • Ezdeals - Dual mode thermometer - Measure temperature via forehead and ear Accurate and reliable - Utilize newest infra-red detection tech

    We want to make a thermometer that is capable of accompanying your child from baby to adulthood. That is why the Innovo Dual mode infra-red thermometer INV-EF100 is designed to be BOTH an ear thermometer (recommended for age above 1) AND a forehead thermometer (recommended for all ages), offering users the freedom to choose between two modes. In version 2.0, we listened to our customers and upgraded the infra-red lens to make it more sensitive and accurate than before. Using the latest infra-red scanning technology, the INV-EF100 has proven to be extremely reliable and accurate during clinical trials. Only available to doctors and medical professionals previously, we are now bringing this technology to you.

  • Jaihawk - Another waste of 2 hours

    Another movie out of hollywood's movie mill. It seems these days it's all about entertaining you through constant action sequences without any real story to tell or having any real substance. There is no real connection to any of the cliché sidekick characters - a bow wielding female, axe wielding maniac, knife throwing stealthy dude, etc. Yawn. They try their best to take the super out of supernatural affirming mythological creatures (you know, the cool stuff they can do in movies) as mere myth, including any obvious hints Hercules may actually be the son of Zeus, and force you to sit through most of the movie watching 'been there done that' mele battles between armies controlled by the cliché (deceiving) evil king. The most uninteresting Hercules/movie yet.

  • Jennifer Madrid - Beautiful car seat

    Beautiful car seat. It's easy to install and can be used in many different position in many different cars. I wish it was more affordable so we could have two.

  • Ryan Hernalsteen - If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub ...

    If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub to get your floor mats clean. I bought these for my new truck, and my life is so much easier. Now I just vacuum the mats and the area around them, wipe the mats down, and my floor is good to go. These are well worth the money!

  • Laura Leiva (Letter Shelves Blog) - I recommend you to read the first one

    Harper Mclain is in trouble and this time she's involved in a case with her ex-boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan. Disclaimer: Amazon says that can be read as an standalone but trust me, I recommend you to read the first one, so you don't find yourself navigating in unknown waters a little bit at the beggining.

  • Amazon Customer - At the recommended settings I make hard boiled eggs

    Having some trouble getting cook times and power setting on my particular micro. At the recommended settings I make hard boiled eggs!