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  • Digital Rectal Examination and Prostate - Digital rectal examination is the first step in the search for the detection of prostate cancer. It consists in the examination of the prostate by palpating with the finger through the rectum wall. This test allows the doctor to detect an increase in...
  • Levator ani muscle - The levator ani muscle has a shape reminiscent of a hammock. It is a thin muscle that is separated into two symmetrical parts, found in the pelvic area. Attached to the pelvis, the levator ani is precisely located on the ischial spine and the pubis....

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    My hair stylist introduced me to this hair oil and it's the only thing I use in my hair. It smells like cinnamon and leaves your hair so soft and shiny. I rub some in my damp hair and then blow dry in sections. After my hair is dry I use a little more to smooth out fly aways. I get compliments from men! First time I've ever received compliments from men regarding my "shiny hair" was from using this product.

  • A. Love - This does not work.

    I used this product, follow instructions as indicated, drank plenty of water, stopped using for one week prior to using, ate well, and drank on an empty stomach. I am still testing positive. This product does not work!