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  • LUCKYTROUBLE - Awesomeness

    It's awesome, good guns, good graphics, good game and it's FREE!!! It's well worth it. Go get it, like now.

  • 2215bee - I'm not fussy about valve oil for my trumpet, and this stuff seems to work just fine...

    i bought this oil because it was among the least expensive of the varieties on offer. I assumed that there's not a great deal of difference between valve oils for my purposes (after all, I'm just starting out on a student trumpet, and it'll be a long time before I need to re-consider my valve oil needs.)

  • Tracy B. - Don't waste your money if you already have a Kaplan book!

    I loveeeeee Kaplan, and although I have yet to take my NCLEX (this Friday) I feel that Kaplan has prepared me tremendously! However, I had purchased the 2013-2014 strategies, practice, & review book, but felt that I needed to purchase the newest version as soon as that came out. I was so excited when I got my new book and I started going through it high lighting stuff and doing practice questions when I realized things were starting to sound VERY familiar. I took out my 2013-2014 book and sure enough it is EXACTLY the same, word-for-word! All of the practice questions, as well as the practice exams! :( I'm disappointed because I wasted my money on it, but I will say if you do not own a Kaplan NCLEX book, do yourself a HUGE favor and buy one! :) I plan to purchase their CCRN exam next as long as I pass NCLEX on Friday!

  • Nitish Aggarwal - amazing product

    Spigen is and always will be my #1 phone/assessories to go to. Everything about it is amazing. The phone cases last a long time and they don't break, they're very durable. I'm happy that I'll be getting the new iPhone that's coming out soon and to have a phone case wallet that can secure the phone and carry my cards is amazing. It's a 2-in 1. I was given a discounted code in exchange for my honest review. And we'll you have it, there's nothing bad about this product and it deserves 5 stars!

  • Kindle Customer - Loved her music, but not so much the book.

    I received a copy from NetGalley, in exchange for a fair review. The book was an interesting blend of the stories behind many of her songs, interspersed with heavy name dropping. I'm not criticizing it, and I realize it is her story, but every act seemed overblown. Her marriages, neurosis, mother problem, and cast of famous friends, mostly left me cold. In one story, she talks about going to Elizabeth Taylor's for Thanksgiving, but never mentioned where her young son was. Was he with his father or a nanny? She just seemed almost indifferent to family, while falling over herself to please her famous friends. I love many of her songs, and while the stories behind them were interesting, her story as I said, just left me cold.

  • Beverly Long - epic battery life

    It's so well designed and implemented! I'm always surprised at how finicky bluetooth can be despite how long it's been around. This is easily the best bt headset I've used: it connects flawlessly to devices and W7 laptop via the dongle, epic battery life. And I really love it,the sound quality and volume is great .