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  • OnceASkeptic - Im in absolute disbelief. It actually works!

    **Update** I have since replaced my radiator, due to eventually having over heating issues again, perhaps the 100 degree heat here in FL doesn't help, I do know my water pump and thermostat were new and countless other things I replaced. It did begin to over heat again but I got a radiator for $70 on here and well, I'd say if you don't have the money to replace your radiator buy this and save up over the next couple of months until you can afford to do so, there are people who'll say this forever fix their over heating issue. I am not one of them. It absolutely DID stop my overheating issue altogether there for several months. Great product if you're in a bind. The only thing I can suggest is read the back, read it again and read it as you go, do not take any short cuts in using the product as advised.

  • Lynn B - Love, love

    Love, love, love these for hanging pictures and other wall hangings. I live in an apartment and I lived in one apartment complex where they charged people for each nail hole they had in the walls. My current apartments doesn't do that, but it's nice not to have to use nails and by using these it easier to get the pictures and wall hangings up straight. If it's a bit crooked, all you have to do is pull it off and move it instead of leaving several holes.

  • Neil - dealer

    Never use this company, then send the wrong dosage forms and you can not return them. I have ordered from them twice and twice received the wrong dosage forms