..::Hospital Departamental Cartago::.. - El Hospital Departamental de Cartago E.S.E, es una Institución clasificada en el segundo nivel de atención de complejidad media, tipo B y está conformada por una Unidad Hospitalaria ubicada en la cabecera Municipal de Cartago Valle.

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.1893 Florida, United States

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    Very good toothpaste. After using natural /organic toothpaste for a few years my teeth got worse and a lot more sensitive. My dentist wanted me to get back to fluoride and potassium nitrate (really helps with sensitivity). He gave me one with SLS but im not afan, SLS used to give me canker sores, so im glad i found this option without SLS (most toothpastes have it, it has no business being in toothpaste, its a shampoo/dishwashing liquid degreasing foaming ingredient). Taste is nice and mild

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