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HPRP – Health Professional Recovery Program - The State of Michigan's Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) was established in 1994 by legislation. This program is administered through a contract with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Professional Licensing and is supported by various health professional licensing boards and the associations and societies of the health professions in the State. The HPRP supports the recovery of its participants so they may safely return to practice and protect the safety of the general public.

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  • author wannabe - not to good overall

    The game was O.K. but it took up so much space on my device that I had to delete it. Once I deleted that, my previously ssslllooowwww systems worked just fine.

  • Javiera - Longer hair

    Excelent source of biotin and silica, hair's main food. I started taking them more thana year ago and my hair is shiny and grows faster

  • Amazon Customer - no big results

    I do cleanses twice a year and thought I'd try this one. Either I've gotten super healthy or this one had no effect.

  • Dana Miles - I wanted these wraps to work so bad but they didn't work for me

    I wanted these wraps to work so bad but they didn't work for me. I did just as I was supposed to but I didn't have any results. It was easy to apply and easy to take off. But nothing happened. I can say that it didn't cause any skin irritations for me. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Amazon Addict - Great deal!

    I think the DaoSin works just a smidge better, but it also costs a lot more for a lot less. This is the anti-histamine version that I've settled on and it's cut my migranes (and costly migraine medication consumption) by more than half. No side effects. I recommend!

  • Jon M. - With the passing of my best friend last year that was very into playing I decided to try again...

    I recently decided to try to learn to play guitar again. I say again because last time I bought one of those Epiphone beginner gig packs but didn't get into it too much. With the passing of my best friend last year that was very into playing, and being about another decade older and having a much greater appreciation for music I pulled the trigger on giving guitar another go 'round.

  • Vicki Elkins - This is great stuff

    I love this stuff, for a year or so I was trying to figure out exactly what it was, I don't think it was written on the bottle until semi recently. As soon as I saw it was smoothing cream I had to get some and this is the best smoothing cream I have used to date, besides the Tigi rockaholic smoothing cream, which I can't find any where any more.