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San Francisco hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss, stress, insomnia, pain - San Francisco hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss, stress, insomnia and pain, including self-hypnosis recordings.

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  • Daniel J. Dulnikowski - No Support

    I bought Quickbooks, and found I had difficulties getting it to register. I called Tech Support, and for an hour and a half they insisted that my OS was too new for that version. They said that the trial version that the CD allows me to run would let me use the program 15 times before shutting down. 15 times the trial version will work on my OS? But the registered version won't? Yes, they said, but if I spend another $200.00 on the latest version, everything would be fine. No kidding. The OS I have runs the trial fine, but not the full software, how does that work? This is not the first time I have had problems with Intuit. On a previous product, I could not get to load, they insisted on a tech support contact before they would speak to me. And that was before I even tried the program.

  • Mary - This is the most effective product I've ever seen!

    This is the most effective way I've seen to get rid of sightly black areas on the roof. While it may take a bit of time, it does work and I am forever grateful for this product which has make our roof look new again! We applied this product to our last part of the roof and are watching the ugly stuff go away. Update: We are now our our third year after using Spray & Forget and the roof continues to see no return of dark spots. I appreciate this product which extended the life of our roof.