I Don't Know How She Does It - Have you ever looked at another women and thought "how does she do it?"This podcast aims to answer that question.It's conversations with some of the busiest women we know.We'll hear the tips and strategies, from balancing children and budgets, to their career and health.For every woman who has looked at another woman and wondered "how does she manage her life?", this is your podcast.

  • I Don't Know How She Does It: Jessica Rowe - Jessica Rowe is a journalist, author and now a cabaret star. But it's being mum to her two young girls - Allegra and Giselle - that she is most proud of. This is a hilarious, incredibly honest interview about non-perfect parenting and the chaos that ensues when both parents work. There's lots of laughs, lots of mince and lots of fun. Thanks to @jessrowe - her website is hereYour hosts was Sarah MacDonaldThis podcast is produced by Sarah MacDonald for the Mamamia Podcast Network.For more good listening, download our sister podcasts: Mamamia Out Loud,  This Glorious Mess, No Filter, Just Between Us,  or get on the facebook page for other podcasterly recommendations.  
  • I Don't Know How She Does It: Juanita Phillips - ABC TV Newsreader Juanita Phillips reveals how she manages to be so calm, composed and classy while reading the news while life as a single mother is intense and crazy. She talks about how she manages her day, her young nanny and manny and the one thing she does for herself. @sarahvmac@Juanita_Phillip 
  • I Don't Know How She Does It: Carolyn Creswell - Carolyn Creswell is an entrepreneur who started her company Carman's Foods with $1000 and a dream.  She now employs 160 people in 32 countries and has 4 children.  Carolyn talks about how she structures her day, her weekend release at the farm and what she had to give up with each child.  Website @sarahvmac @carolyncreswell
  • I Don't Know How She Does It: Mia Freedman - Mia Freedman reveals how she does it all.  From describing her role as Content Director of the Mamamia Women's Network as akin to 'triage' to adhering to a strict routine in life and at home, Mia, is her usual funny and brutally honest self when it comes to revealing how she manages life. She reveals just how much she multi-tasks, her non-negotiable touchstones of every day and the things she's given up or just doesn't do to ensure she gets most things done without losing the plot. Website - Facebook @miafreedman @sarahvmac 
  • I Don't Know How She Does It: Justine Clarke - Justine Clarke is an actor, singer, Play School Presenter and author. So life is never boring and always varied. Here she talks to Sarah Macdonald candidly about how she combines several jobs with raising her three kids. sarahvmac

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  • Michael B. Aronson - My "digital dishwasher"

    I love my Neatdesk. I use it in my home office as a "digital dishwasher" to clean up my paper messes. Everyday I clean out my pockets and load up the slots on the auto feed with business cards and receipts plus the days mail worth of bills, 1009s etc. When its about 3/4 full (the paper feed works better if you don't stuff it as full as possible) I run the NeatScan software and digitize everything. Then the paper goes into a monthly filing folder which hopefully I will never have to access again. If I have time then I will go into the inbox of the program and review and file all my ocr'd stuff into the right place in the NeatWorks software. I am a long time user of the portable scanner (which by the way works great (and much faster) with the upgraded software) so I know that I don't have to bother to correct any small ocr mistakes on business cards before filing since the image remains attached). If i don't have the time then, I will do the review and filing at a more convenient time. I've been using Neatreceipts since 2005 (I am an early investor in the company) and its really "neat" now to have all my stuff in the database for fast searching, retrieval and emailing. The only reason I don't give this a Five star is that I do agree that the document imaging needs to produce cleaner scans that are smaller in size. I've been promised this in an upcoming software release and I've seen the test results which look great. I continue to use my original Neatreceipts scanner (grey one) with the new software and database as well if my laptop is at the office or when on the road. Works great, no problem going back and forth. I also have used the scanner with Picasa photo capture and editing software with good results.

  • Lomatium - Green is faster

    I dig the bright green color, its light weight, it works good for protecting your face longboarding and a cheaper alternative than actual longboard helmets on the market. Rogers Bros has clear plastic visors you can buy to fit Bell Drop that fit in the visor screws- recommended for eye/bug protection.

  • Evelyn 55 - I like the many updates that Microsoft done to it but ...

    I like the many updates that Microsoft done to it but compare to office 2003 or 2007 the software takes lot of desk space and I have constant error pop up "you have not enough desk space" after install this software.

  • Carl - This is probably the best album John has released

    This is probably the best album John has released. It is a wonderful collection of Paul McCartney tunes done with a smart jazzy twist. He does a samba rendition of "My Valentine" which is one of my favorites. His version of "Maybe I'm Amazed" with solo guitar and backup vocals with Jessica really embraces the lyrics of the song. "Junk" is a delightful waltz with father Bucky doing a beautiful solo. "Heart of the Country" takes the country to a swinging pace. "No more Lonely NIghts" ends with a sassy tenor sax by Harry Allen with the back ground vocals accenting the lonely nights. "Let 'Em In" opens the door to a hot spicy frolic in John's guitar and vocal scatting and bouncing piano by Konrad Paszkudzki and swinging bass by Martin Pizzarelli.

  • Gamearts - Awesome mouse pad but might not be worth it for some.

    This is my first SteelSeries (AKA Icemat) mouse pad. SteelSeries makes a variety of mouse pads and this is one of the few they make that is made of cloth.

  • Adam - and nail tablets for awhile now and I can tell a good difference in the strength of my nails and the ...

    I have been taking these hair, skin, and nail tablets for awhile now and I can tell a good difference in the strength of my nails and the acne on my face is clearing up. The only bad thing about these is the smell, size, and after taste. They work, but you have to get past the odor and taste. 2 tablets is a dose so this bottle lasts 30 days. Compared to other hair, skin, and nail tablets I much prefer the capsules that are single dose and smaller than this brand. I received a discount code to use towards the purchase of these so I figured I would give them a try. Like I said, I like the effects, but the smell and aftertaste makes me not want to stick to this brand after this bottle is finished.

  • Jay-Ski - Intuit continues to find ways to tax the small businessman!

    This is the last year I will utilize Intuit Payroll. This product cannot even be activated without giving Intuit a credit card number! This automatically enrolls you in auto-renew at an inflated price. They claim you can cancel, but it is not an easy to find option, if fact I will probably have to call support to cancel.