in2scienceUK | Supporting students from low income backgrounds progress to STEM careers to become the next generation of scientists and pioneers - Supporting students from low income backgrounds progress to STEM careers to become the next generation of scientists and pioneers

  • About | in2scienceUK - This blog aims to showcase the diverse work of students participating in the in2scienceUK STEM work placement scheme. in2scienceUK was founded in 2010 by Rebecca McKelvey, a Neuroscience PhD student at University College London, inspired by her previous work as a TeachFirst science teacher in a challenging London school.  During her PhD studies, she met many work…
  • Shannon Edwards – UCL Genetics Institute | in2scienceUK - "I am grateful to have gained so much in such a short space of time." During my placement at UCL, I was fortunate enough to gain an insight into Computational Biology under the supervision of Jack Humphrey. Having been informed of the functions FUS and TDP-43, I soon learnt that as with many proteins, the…
  • Shakera Begum at MRC BNDU – Oxford | in2scienceUK -   "My impending aspirations have been transformed since this placement and I look forward to what the future holds for me thanks to in2scienceUK" My placement was with the University of Oxford in the Brain Network Dynamics Unit, alongside Petra Fischer and Eduardo Martin Moraud. I don’t think ‘passion’ is a strong enough word to describe…
  • Molly Monk and Issy Bolton at the University of Bath | in2scienceUK - Photo: Issy and Molly with Pawan Jolly in the department of electronic & electrical engineering  Within the department we were working with the Biosensor group. During our time there we were given lots of opportunities organised by our supervisor, Pawan Jolly, to experience and learn about research science. We visited chemistry, electronics and the nanofabrication…
  • in2scienceUK blog by Adeolu Busari | in2scienceUK - Despite the warning at the introduction day that the labs we will be entering will not resemble ‘a giant room filled with new state of the art tech and machinery littered with scientists in their lab coats constantly pipetting’. I still had small hopes that some aspects of the description would be true. How I…

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  • Mrs. Wilson - Fekkai's Glossing Starter Kit left my hair feeling like silk

    These products work fabulous on my forty-something year old head of shoulder length hair. Although, I may have gone overboard with the Glossing Cream...the instructions say to use a "pea size" amount, and I used more like a "nickel size" amount or more, because some of my gray hairs tend to be very unruly. Of course, even this nickel size amount didn't make those pesky grays smooth. I had to spray on a spritz or two of hair spray to control them as I usually do. My hair was still smooth as silk though...even a little too smooth because I over-used the Glossing Cream.

  • Jessica Gambrel - I would still buy again - the price is great!

    The pills are a little large, so if you have issues taking pills, this will probably be an issue for you. They are bright yellow and I noticed after the first few days that my urine also started to look bright yellow. I would still buy again - the price is great!

  • JJSTONE - What a Ride!

    Darren Street takes us on a ride of a lifetime through the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee to the innards of gangs in the penal system. He's a fighter. He has to be to survive being framed, beaten, and almost forgotten about. Jump on now and take this exciting trip. There's just and unjust, trust and distrust, friends and enemies for life. As usual, THANK YOU Scott Pratt!

  • Carissa S. - MasterBrain and mental fortitude

    I have been using MasterBrain for 2 weeks now and can honestly say that I have noticed a huge difference in my mental endurance! I have an intellectually challenging job that often leaves me feeling drained after work with no motivation for the gym or anything else. Taking MasterBrain has made me noticeably shaper and given me the mental fortitude to make it through my day and still be sharp! Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  • seagirl400 - Wow i love these bags

    Wow i love these bags! i got them much faster than i thought that i would and in better packaging than i expected! these bags are the answer to my storage problem! i do not have a ton of places to store things in my house, especially things i need but do not use all the time. things like heavy bulky winter coats and sweaters fit great in these bags and i can put them almost anywhere because now they take up such little space! i have used the suitcase roll up bags several times as well. these are great when i am trying t fit too many things in an already cramped suitcase! i have even used these for camping! this is a perfect solution for getting all the clothes i take in the car just in case of a weather change! the pump that it comes with is such a great idea! thins allows me to use these bags even when there is no electricity like when i am car camping! i would highly recommend these bags to anyone who needs a little more space in their homes! i got this item at a discounted promotional rate in exchange for my fair honest and prompt review. i am in no way associated with this company in any way except for being a very satisified customer!