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  • Insomnia client foundation worldwide - chronic insomnia over 10 years - Become member if you have over 10+ years of insomnia free in 2012) and we guide your further to the most recent research and findings on falling asleep, things your national docters do not know or not understand (it is dfficult stuff). We are in contact with world's top university on sleep research, top of sleeping clinics and top of pharma. We are a worldwide knowledge center of insomnia knwoledge and know far more than your local docters. We are on the client side. Become member to know more!

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  • nirupama - Network disconnects with this modem..

    I am having lot of connectivity issues after i installed this modem, Comcast technician came home couple of times and confirmed there were no drops from their side.

  • Scott Diaz - Sugru is easy to use and doesn't require a big cleanup

    What can you do with Sugru? I've added bumpers to door handles so an open door doesn't impact the wall, repaired some large scissor handles that were broken, adjusted my car's broken headlight adjustment to keep me safe and legal, repaired a cracked iPhone charging cable, made a replacement cap for the leg of an ironing board. Sugru is easy to use and doesn't require a big cleanup.

  • Jeepola86 - Beefy and great looking tailight guard, but mounting hardware could be improved.

    Look great - super beefy compared to some of the "wimpier" versions out there, but installation is a bit of a painstaking process. It's extremely difficult to get adequate torque on the mounting screws. I eventually had to improvise and use hardware from my own stock. However, I still give it four stars based solely on the great looks.

  • Laurie Hanan - My son started weight training and was pushing me to hurry and get him a good protein powder

    I should have read all the negative reviews before buying this. But I saw it's vegan and gluten free, and that's important to me. My son started weight training and was pushing me to hurry and get him a good protein powder. Now that we got it, he dislikes it so much that he won't use it. I'm using it myself, but I dislike anything sweet. This is sweet beyond what I can bear. I despise the taste of stevia, and in the microscopic fine print it lists stevia as "other ingredients." I smelled it as soon as I opened the container, but hoped my son would be OK with it. My mistake for not researching more.

  • tacovengeance - Horrible CD ROM

    I'm 100% certain that no one at Kaplan proofread the questions on the CD-ROM. What I don't understand is how they can possibly offer this material as test prep, meant to simulate the actual GRE, when they obviously haven't even attempted to go through the practice material themselves. What are they scaling the difficulty by? How do they know if they've made a question too easy or too hard if they won't even work on their own problems?

  • spinningwood - Not sure it is worth the trouble

    Some things have improved with Quicken 2011, some things seem not to work as well as previous versions and things quicken can't couldn't do in the past it still can't do.

  • Susanmarie - Great microfiber towel for use at the gym

    I like to use a full-size towel at the gym but hate how much space one takes in my gym bag. This is the perfect solution for me. Seems well made.