MannKind Corporation - Overview - MannKind Corporation (Nasdaq: MNKD) focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes and cancer. In addition, MannKind is applying our novel technologies and services to support partner development efforts

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  • LaVonda - NO NO! it isn't

    This is a great shaver. If you are expecting a NO NO! knock off, this isn't it. But if you want a get rid of facial hair without pain, this will do the trick. You really only have to use the first attachment once because the other head is for stubble and a 1 minute gets rid of that. So far I really like it.

  • C. Fontana - Works!

    We bought this product last year and finally got a chance to use it. We followed the instructions and sprayed on our roll-out awning. The greeen is gone! And the other reviewers are right, the longer its on the better our awning looks. I was almost ready to buy a new awning, so happy!

  • University Doc - Not perfect: Pay attention/Look over your return before mailing or emailing it out!

    I'&ve been using H&R Block tax software regularly since about 2008. Before that I tried TurboTax once and didn't like that it rounded off the numbers to the advantage of the IRS and not accurately for me. Hence, the switch to H&R Block.Each year this program does a good job of doing what it is supposed to do without any big issues. Each year, I find I could only give it four stars for one reason or another. This year, I like the added feature of deduction Pro being part of the program: you put in your charity donations of property, etc. and you can skip DeductionPro and add your own value, or use DeductionPro and use their value, which is now part of the internal program. No more using Deduction Pro separately: no having to go to a website. nothing. This is the best part of this tax program for 2012. placing a market value on donatons is always an inconvenience: Not anymore. Hopefully, H&R Block keeps this feature exactly as it is.

  • Gillian L. Rosheuvel - Introducing

    It's interesting to view this album through the lens of history. Whether aware of it or not, most music fans are quite familiar with Massive and the long shadow they've cast over pop music. But 11 years ago, the mix of musical styles that would later come to be termed (somewhat simplistically) trip-hop was new and invigorating. Listening to it in 2002, "Blue Lines" has the effect of taking you back to the year of your choice: 1975 ("Be Thankful For What You've Got"), 1988 ("Daydreaming"); 1991 ("Lately"). Yet, this album is no retro piece. Instant classics like "Safe From Harm", "Unfinished Sympathy", and "Five Man Army" herald new approaches to hip-hop and dance music in particular, and pop music in general.

  • H. H. River - I love the pills and love the way it helps me ...

    Already feeling the affects and am loving them. Thanks to this product i have the desires i have not had in years. Thank you very much for having the product available to the public.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a good way to track info

    I just bought this and am very disappointed. I was hoping the program would be better than the website, with more fine-tuned fields and options. For anybody who works with data, you would know that this program is awful. Name fields are not separated, places are not separated. I wanted to be able to print a list of places and people associated with them. But because the place names are not separated (one big field of city, county, state and Country) it is only sorted alphabetically. So, some places are by city, some by county, some by state. I can't just sort the list to be everybody in a state. I can't prepare a report that lists residence info by person, even though they say there is a customizable report. This is totally useless to me. Linking to records found online was really strange and made no sense. This was a waste of money.