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  • Amazon Customer - TERRIBLE PRODUCT

    If you want to feel jittery, anxious, and can't get through your workout then this is the product for you. I was also so unbelievably nauseated that I felt like I had the flu. I have no idea how this product has positive ratings because it's the worst fat burner I've ever taken.

  • Nicole Sansom - Buy it, you won't be sorry.

    You will not find a better value for the money. If you are a beginning cyclist or a seasoned cyclist you will not be unhappy with this bike. It's at the lower end of the spectrum as far as bikes go, but it's a great place to start. There is plenty of area to upgrade this frame with components for the drivetrain, switch gear, braking, wheels, and tires as desired. I've put on a set of Forte wheels, Continental 4000s tires, Shimano clipless pedals, and a Shimano HG-51bf cassette, as well as a KMC x9.88 chain. I've got about 2,000 miles on this set up and I'm able to average about 20 mph on my daily rides.

  • Brett K. - Great

    If this is required reading for college the professor could have chosen worse book. It nicely lays out each important president and their changes to the statue quo. It give great insight into how each president viewed the presidency often along ideological and historic line.

  • Ronald S. - ... 2 hours and got 6 hours out of the recommended batteries. Of course the camera shut down while ...

    I commute with my bike 2 hours and got 6 hours out of the recommended batteries. Of course the camera shut down while I was out riding and I didn't know it. Night video is not the best, Daylight is OK, but I find it won't capture a license plate unless it is right in front of me. Still, this makes a fantastic second camera in the event that my primary fails, not to mention that the price was right. I would not buy this If you're getting a camera exclusively to collect potential accident evidence (IE someone cut you off) Other than that, this is a good camera.