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Country:, Europe, PL

City: 16.7424 Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

  • Regina F. Love - Very fast so far. I have only owned HP ...

    Very fast so far. I have only owned HP but the last HP only lasted 1 1/2 year and went through 2 Hard drives and finally died...Calling HP is pointless ...Asus is so willing to help which is why I ended up going with them. So far I am loving this!

  • lOVEMEASALE_PowerInFashion - Waste of time and poorly made.

    The screws and the holes did not match. Poorly made. Honestly speaking I feel this product should be removed from amazon. It's not worth to be sold.

  • Claudia Burrows - At least it's an attempt to discern the problem

    Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is a fascinating and thought-provoking book. In it, Charles Murray makes the case that there are diverging classes in America and that, rather than a division based on race, the division is most acutely indicated by trends in what he refers to as "white America".

  • lou30088 - Graet Amazon Product/deal yet again !!!

    I have used Norton Antivirus for 3+ years now. This product WORKS !!! I have not had any viruses at all. I would definitely buy this product on-line as apposed to renewing. It is half the price than renewal. Norton wanted $34.99 to renew. I paid $14.99 on-line for the same product. Keep that in mind when it's time to renew. GREAT PRODUCT !!!

  • Erin Rich - Helps with anxiety

    Ovablend definitely helps with my anxiety caused by a minor case of PCOS. I'm not sure how well it's helping my other hormonal issues, since those are primarily invisible, but I will continue to take it and see what happens. The only downside of this product is that I absolutely must eat a decent meal with it or I get nausea and/or indigestion.

  • Rolo - its not a cure to fungal infections

    this really worked for me, did what it says it would do. before i used kerasal nail fungal renewal, i am applying fungi cure that kills 6 types of fungus i used it for about 30 days before i applyed kasasal nail. The FUNGI CURE takes time to before you can see any resalts. years of infection will take time but my nails still had that yellow brown look, kerasal nail removed that yellow and brown look to looking white and normal. It also softened the nail that will help FUNGI CURE. i use kerasal nail every night after a shower to softened the nail. In the morning i shower and apply fungi cure to kill the fungal infection. this seems to work for me. seen big changes in a few days. my nails are startinf to look better and better nail every day.

  • alice martin - Love it,but it takes time.

    I have been using the galvanic spa and gels for over a year, my skin has had a dramatic improvment. This is a product that will help your skin get better and better over time. You're not going to see dramatic results in a week, have patience it's worth it!!