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Jude's Blog | Just another DBS Data Projects site - I am a Survivor of R though unfortunately not everyone is a Survivor in this blog. Looking at the fate of the Passengers on the Titanic on that ill fated

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  • Steve - awesome for camping

    This ultra bright rechargeable camping lantern gives off a lot of light, however, it was really hard to use right out of the box. I felt that it was not user friendly and had to look at some videos to help. After that however, I got the hang of it and was able to use it in my camping trip a few days ago. I like that it is very bright and rechargeable so I do not have to worry about batteries. Overall, it is awesome because of the light it gives. Some camping lights only show a little "dim" but this is full light.

  • s2222 - Holiday Barbies are a tradition.

    Our Granddaughter was born in Jan 2000 and for Christmas we bought a Holiday Barbie. Her Mom mentioned that she might like to collect these for her. She is 12 now and has 12 Holiday Barbies. Her sister was born in 2004 and she got her 8th one. We asked the older one if she still wanted to get a Holiday Barbie this year & she said yes. Both girls look forward to getting a new one each Christmas.

  • foxxsmith - My daughter and her friends love it

    My nine year old daughter and her little friends love this. Danced for hours on end. Good way to get some exercise while having fun.

  • John C. - This is a great pillow.

    This is a great pillow.. My wife suffers fron headaces a lot and this has eased a lot since getting this pillow.. They were daily.. She is sleeping better and says her neck doesnt hurt when she gets up. I look forward to the long term benefits of this pillow

  • Mark Robertson - Five Stars

    Great sound. Nice looking, and very comfortable. Also very long and durable cord that is also nice looking.

  • Chad Fetzer - Henckels makes very nice knives, but these are NOT very good

    Henckels makes very nice knives, but these are NOT very good. The edge isn't what I would call serrated; probably more like a fine tooth saw blade. Cutting meat doesn't work well as raw flesh gets stuck to the small teeth of the blade.

  • Lawrence Johnson - Cool, but be careful

    This knife has one tool too many. I started playing with it on the bus on my way to work, and I accidentally impregnated the woman sitting next to me. I never found the tool responsible, but when I do, you can be certain I will be demanding a full refund.