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  • bonfireblondie - Best cream!

    This is hands down, the best, healing, softening foot cream. The only one I have used for years. I've tried many foot creams and nothing else works as well. I always recommend it to friends who have dry feet problems. Pricey, but so worth it!

  • Bryan - Better tasting than others...

    It tastes better than the other Cellucore BCAA product I use. The fruit punch flavor was not sour, nor sweet, just right. Did notice that there was more energy throughout the day and I wasn't drained like usual with the other products I've tried.

  • Thia B. - Not a good buy

    This is not a good product. It's a shaver, not an epilator as the advertising would like you to believe. The one I bought no longer holds a charge and loses power quickly. Don't bother with this. Buy a good quality electric razor or a really good pair of tweezers.