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  • Guy Gold - 2012

    Mark Hitchcock has done an excellent job writing this book and all Christians need to be informed re: 2012. The book is easy to read.

  • Madeline Davey - I bought these because my other running shoes were completely ...

    I bought these because my other running shoes were completely worn. They were a little bigger, but I kept them anyway because an 8.5 probably would've been too small.

  • elisabeth - very recommendable

    I gave it a 4 star rating because I object to the term "love it". However, I find the book very recommendable.

  • Michelle Shen - Great item for someone with weak lower body

    Got this for a elderly family member for Christmas. Due to an injury suffered years ago, his lower body isn’t as mobile as he like it to be. His legs get tired out after about 10 minutes of exercise, but with the upper body motion he is able to continue to get at least 20-30 minutes a day of work out. He loves the walk thru design as its difficult for him to lift his legs over a traditional exercise bike. It took us around 40 minutes to assemble the bike, and really wasn’t too hard to figure out. The instructions weren’t great, but the images made it easy to assemble. There isn't much space to allocate to exercise equipment so this bike fit perfect in the allotted space. The bikes is easy to use as well as functional. Also not too much noise while in use. One thing I had to do was to place a bit of oil on the rotating handles in order to stop the squeaking sound, but that fixed the problem.

  • gladys molina - Remarkable product. Takes time to build up in your ...

    Remarkable product. Takes time to build up in your system (depends how compromised it is).. Overall it has reduced my allergies considerably..

  • Heath Johnson - Amazing taste!

    It is funny to me how this product tastes. I assume most people buy this because they are on the heavier side (like me) and want to shed some pounds. Yet this stuff smells and tastes like cake batter! So all you want to do after you smell it or drink it is eat a pastry.