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  • Private Person - This is a very helpful product.

    I was given a review copy of WillMaker Plus 2010 by a Nolo representative, who asked only that I post my assessment here. Though I serendipitously received my copy for free, I'd have gladly paid the retail price for it if I'd known the product existed. Here's why:

  • Cheryl M - It's a good conditioning shampoo

    It's a good conditioning shampoo. My hair is more wavy so it probably works best for very curly hair. I like WEN conditioning shampoo best but I'll keep using this due to the price difference. Once you start using conditioning shampoos you'll never go back. My hair is in much better condition. I tend to have an oily scalp with dry ends and this works great for me.

  • carl smith - PACE Salsa Verde GREAT!

    I eat CHUNKY MEDIUM SALSA almost every day for lunch. I love it. I will try to make this 20 words long . but I am really a fan that loves this stuff. It could not be more flavorful. Carl

  • reba shimansky - Man of the World A Must for Clinton Supporters

    I found " Man of the World" to be a very engrossing and informative book. It is a pleasure to read a book about Bill Clinton that is not a hachet job. It is obvious that Conason has a close relationship with Bill Clinton and therefore provides inside information that you cannot find in any other book book about Bill Clinton. If you are a supporter of Bill Clinton this is a must read for you.

  • Patti S - Basal Cell

    I had a basal cell that the dr cut out once but didnt get it all so it started coming back around the scar site. Of course the dr suggests cutting an even larger area so not looking forward to that, i went home and looked for natural alternatives. I read an article about using Vitamin C crystals and minerals curing cancer. Basal cell is slow growing so I had nothing to loose by putting vitamins and minerals on it for 2-3 weeks. I went to the health food store and got the vitamin c crystals and was looking for a liquid mineral to dissolve the crystals in and the lady at the store suggested Cell Food. It was $30 but I would spend more than that on a copay so I got it. The combo caused the cancer to oxidize and scab. I was putting it on my entire chest and the combo only oxides active cancer cells so it caused a c shaped scab around the original scar and about 2 millimeters away from the scar a couple of small spots opened up. The minerals and vitamin c burn quite a bit but I kept applying for 2 weeks. At some point it started looking pussie so i cleaned with hydrogen peroxide before applying the vitamins and minerals and three weeks into the treatment, the scab fell off and i just have pretty pink skin. If anyone has ever had basal cell, they know the sore never heals so I am confident this spot is totally healed. I will go back to the dr for a check up (because my husband wants to be sure) but I am not in a hurry. The article I read on the vitamin c and minerals was from a medical journal study.