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  • MamaSays - Just what I needed

    When I first heard about this product I suspected that this might be exactly what I need for a problem that was becoming increasingly more painful. My feet were to the point that stepping out of bed in the morning was like stepping on knives, my feet hurt constantly and to wear any type of shoes but slippers was crippling. My legs constantly ached and felt tired. Within 2 days of starting All Day Energy Greens, the swelling had come down so much that I could not believe how thin my feet were, it had been so long that I had suffered from swelling. I didn't even realize that I was. A week later, I noticed that my hands were much smaller and daintier and my rings were loose. I no longer have aching legs. My feet feel wonderful. I just feel as if my entire circulatory system has been revived, and now I understand that I must have truly been languishing. I no longer have clotting with my cycle. I do not nap anymore! The puffiness in my face is gone and I am aware of my bones! My blood pressure, which has always been low, but has been creeping up lately is now back to 120/60. I could not live long without this.

  • Kona Mike - Great Reference Book

    Recently have started to develop modest databases for a couple of my clients. Since the changes to program navigation [ribbons] I find this book to be a great help. Yeah, I know I'm a little old school but most the time I can find what I'm looking for almost as fast I can Google it. And I don't have to leave the program. It sits right next to the same outfit's Excel manual.

  • Garfield C - My kids really loved this game even though they did not know most ...

    My kids really loved this game even though they did not know most of the songs they had a good time using the product.

  • S. Hansen - IT WORKS!

    Absolute life saver at our house of many critters. IT WORKS! I am using it conjunction with the spray.