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  • Rana302 - Great for trips out

    This chair is great! We have used it many times in restaurants... You have to be sure the table is sturdy though. If the table is wobbly, the chair will still attach well to the table, but doesn't seem safe attached. The safety belt is easy to snap, and we like that it is covered up with the flap of fabric so food cannot get in there.

  • P. L. Hamilton - Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment

    Have only had occasion to use this shirt a couple of times since I received it for my greyhound, Fancy. She gets terribly nervous during thunderstorms, but with this shirt on she seems to be much less frightened. We haven't had any really bad storms since we got the shirt, so it has still not been tested thoroughly. One rumble of thunder usually sends her to hide in the closet, but she laid down and slept the last time it thundered, although there were only a couple of rumbles. I am hoping it will do the trick, and am so glad this product is available.