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  • Cindy Carlson - won't buy again

    Bought the revitalizer spray, as well as shampoo and conditioner. Can't say that I am too impressed. For what I spent I don't feel as though it has done much for me. Have been using for about a month. Maybe a little less in the way of hair loss, however, I don't like the way it makes my hair feel. It is so dry and and "lifeless" now.

  • food lover - Works

    As anyone who had cold sores knows, this product works. It really does have to be applied at that first sign, itch or tingle. It makes the difference in starting at all or just lessening the time. I always have this on hand now, especially with the great price on Amazon. It's a $5-8 dollar difference than drugstores or grocery stores.

  • Norman - great bang for the buck entry level road bike

    This is a great entry level road bike. Not only does the white finish look sleek and modern, it makes the bike look real fancy and professional. I would suggest taking the whole bike to your LBS and having it tuned up to have it road ready. Also I do agree with the other reviewer, changing gears could definitely be a bit better but not that bad to knock off stars. The other thing I would suggest would be to swap out the saddle. The stock saddle, although it looks nice, stays firm. I've ridden at least 6-7 times at 12-14 miles a session and the saddle still feels too stiff for my comfort. Bought this one to replace and it's enough cushion and performance. Got it in white to match the frame.

  • Danny_Ball - Completely disappointed with the batch of Uranium Ore i recieved

    Completely disappointed with the batch of Uranium Ore i recieved. Took one spoonful and 15 seconds later i had a terrible allergic reaction. My heart rate rose dramatically, I broke out in the most heinous green rash and developed such a high level of aggression and swoll up greatly to the point my clothes ripped :/ would not recommend (unless your into that kind of stuff)