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  • Gretchen Pedersen - Taste has an after bite.

    I love all the stuff in it. The various greens, the probiotics and enzymes...but the tastes leaves an aftertaste. I don't mind it in my chocolate shake, but husband does NOT like it in his vanilla shake. We prefer SuperGreens by Intranaturals, but they were out of stock.

  • William Reebel - A Great HR Resource

    This book addresses just about every HR function in a very concise, to the point and easy to read manner. It is an excellent resource for anyone new to HR, setting up an HR program or just wanting a refresher. This is also a great reference for everyone in a management position. The title of "The Essential HR Handbook" is certainly appropriate.

  • Chad Herrella - Awesome version 1.0

    Awesome robot. I wanted this to be an alternative to having a pet dog without the cleaning up after one. I just wanted something moving around the house doing its own thing and when i have time for it will want to play with me.

  • Winnie Duensing - Great for Bible Study!

    It is a very good resource Bible. I'm using it in a Bible Study class and it is a great help in understanding scripture. I had a little trouble navigating at times but I appreciate the additional perspective not provided my other Bibles, both Kindle and paper.

  • VB54 - It's cheap, it's natural, and it worked for me.

    Okay, so my friend found this product to help with a flea problem.Their cat could not tolerate any chemically based flea products and would re-infest the dogs, so they needed something organic. It worked! I bought it for the same reason, fleas. It also took out spiders, Japanese beetles, and those creepy stink bugs. Make sure and just puff a light dusting when you treat the home. I found a dry pesticide applicator at the local hardware store. When the DE came out too heavy, I put a little restrictor (safety pin) in the end of the tube. Now it comes out in a fine puff, it should almost resemble smoke.

  • Scott A. Pope - Absolutely Fantastic!

    First of all I need to brag on Amazon. I ordered this item Monday and received it Tuesday! That is amazing.

  • Sherri R. - Fixed my above-ground pool leak in 4 hours!

    I’ve never felt strongly enough about a product to actually write a review for it but after using this product I felt I had to. Wow! This is amazing. In short, within 4 hours of adding it to the skimmer intake of our above-ground pool the leak had stopped. Amazing stuff! I’d highly recommend it—especially for the price. If you want the details of our situation, I’ve listed them below; if you’re not interested and just want to stop the water then try it and see if it works as well for you as it did for me.