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  • J. Maas - This clock has helped my preschoolers sleep later

    The clock itself is pretty cheaply made, but the only part we really care about is the stoplight. The design makes it very easy to understand. My boys (just turned 3 and 5) do not understand time, and do not believe me when I tell them "It's still nighttime." However, for some reason they DO believe the stoplight. They were getting up earlier and earlier (6, then 5:30, then 5) and we decided to try this clock to help them know when it is ok to get up. It is easy for them to understand "Red means stay in bed." I started by setting the light to turn green at 6:30 (a realistic goal), and plan to creep the time later a few minutes at a time. They take great pride in telling me "I stayed in bed until the light turned green!" and get positive reinforcement from us. I don't know why they take it so seriously, but this is really working well for us.

  • Janay - I purchased this and it didn't come with all the ...

    I purchased this and it didn't come with all the pieces. I don't work on vehicles of any sort so I found this very frustrating.

  • Rachel Cruise - Definitely worked for us!

    I started taking Premama Fertility after I "ovulated" on our 7th cycle ttc #2. Just SIX weeks later, I not only had a confirmed GOOD ovulation, but I also conceived! I am about 6 weeks pregnant now. With our first, it took 2 years & 2 rounds of Clomid to get pregnant... Premama Fertility has none of the horrible side effects that Clomid does, and literally no taste! I didn't find it gritty either, but I always made sure to shake it really well (in half a bottle of water). I wish I had known about this sooner!