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City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • B Rad 16 - Amazing knife

    Any hunter looking for the perfect skinning knife this is it. The size and weight will make quick work of any score.

  • Colleen Vecellio - The best skin serum I've ever used.

    Saw a significant difference in the quality of my skin after 1 week! I have a lot of acne scars that I have been trying forever to get rid of, but after using this everyday, morning and night for one week, I can tell that my skin is softer and clearing up. I have tried other serum's, such as Clinique's dark spot corrector and Organic correctors, but it did nothing in comparison to this. My boyfriend also noticed and felt the difference in my skin! It is DEFINITELY worth the money and definitely worth trying on your skin! I love it.

  • Mike - My son is bored of it already

    My son is bored of it already. Very very limited games, not to mention their website got hacked so we had to wait for them to 'fix' it so we can finally get newer games. Not worth the wait and of course we were already outside the return window. Battery does last a long time. Handle still holding up.

  • M. Carson - "Works" except for saltwater aftertaste in mouth

    This worked well but it made my next two meals taste like they were prepared with saltwater. I drank some water--saltwater again. Ate some ice cream, more saltwater taste. Hey, this might help me lose some weight! No thanks, saltwater ice cream. Anyway, now I only use it for special occasions when I MUST HAVE excellent breath. Or lightly-salted, otherwise-inoffensive breath.

  • Jarrod Bancroft - Pretty nice knife

    It's Not as good as the original gerber gaurdian from the 80's, However all in all i'm satisfied with this Knife