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Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3292 Paris, France

  • Stan Silverman - Good value

    The legibility of the registers is very good. The weight of the paper is a little less than I expected. I appreciate the fast delivery.

  • genemo - Fabulous

    Cheryl Strayed proves she is not just a great writer, but a good editor, too. This presents some of the best contemporary nonfiction of the past year.

  • Ezra - People think it's funny but it's really brown and runny...

    Tolerance level of these gummy bears vary from person to person, but in the end, having just a handful will have you sitting on the toilet and praying to God to end this painful Diarrhea cascade from your anus.

  • Yale - Great for daily use by anyone! Even teens!

    This product has been used for a long time by many people wanting to change their teeth. I tend to have low patience, so I use about 3-4 of these back-to-back and it does make my teeth sensitive, but it's tolerable and I get results much quicker. I definitely notice great results from this product and my fiance uses it as well. It's a great way to whiten your teeth and these are getting made with much better quality than the original versions so it really sticks to your teeth when you apply it. It's super sticky and it works!