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  • julie - Holiday themed, a book for anytime.

    This book is the type you pick up and love because, although it may be predictable, it draws you towards the characters and you just have to root for them. It was a fast read, and heartwarming mixed with tension. This is why we buy Debbie Macomber's books. It's what we want to read. Hol

  • Leonardo J Vetencourt S - Good reading

    I found this book very helpful. It clear an easy to follow. I am glad I bought it. No problem at all.

  • Joe Da Rold - Average

    Six teenagers in a small town suddenly disappear, presumed kidnapped. Until one dead body is found… and then there were five. One of the missing is Aurora Teagarden’s stepbrother. Halfway through the book It’s pretty apparent to readers who the kidnapper is, although not to the police, the sheriff, or the FBI. In Bon Temps, whenever there was action, Sookie Stackhouse was in the middle of it. Author Harris seems to have forgotten this, because in this mystery novel, the action occurs offstage and everybody talks about it. I grant you, Aurora is in the thick of the last scene, but that just points up the weakness with the rest of the book. I think I’ll see what Harper Connelly is up to…

  • Lazy Day Gardener - Align isn't for everyone....

    I tried Align at my doctor's suggestion. I expected discomfort the first few days, but the problem continued into the third week. Bloating, gas, constipation. Even sitting in a chair was painful because of the lower back pain.

  • Dale Schmidtbleicher - Virus Protection - GREAT

    I have been using McAfee Total Protection (three computers) since I went from a Mac to a PC a dozen years ago. It has done a wonderful job and protecting my three computers. Sometimes no matter how careful you are you can get to a website that is infected. That has happened to me a couple of times and each time McAfee has notified me and eliminated the threat.

  • Judy Iano - Love It!

    We love them! they look so nice and so easy to wipe clean were going to put them in all our vehicles!