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  • Mary H - Great gift

    Kids have wanted this for a while now. I was happy with the price and the prompt delivery. Can help work off the kids excess energy over Christmas break.

  • Richard L. Schott - Claims for this product are bogus

    Omega3 XL claims made in its infomercials are not supported. None of the institutions cited has done any analysis of this product; their focus is on Omega3 per se. The product is very expensive, slightly under $1 per tablet. As the site Consumer Health

  • A. Carlton - Makes a difference, but not for long

    Wearing this primer definitely makes a difference for a couple of hours, but eventually my eyeshadow begins to rub off and crease. Will probably try something else next time. It may just be impossible to find anything worthwhile since I live in central Florida where it's humid 24/7 and I have oily skin.

  • Original Country Girl - The product is fairly good, customer service is AWFUL

    The anti-virus itself is fairly good. It has been reliable, and I've not experienced issues with my computer with it thus far. However, heaven forbid you ever need their customer service for anything because they are AWFUL. I have never dealt with such incompetence! They pass you from one person to the other, each claiming that "their department doesn't fix that but this NEXT one does" and then the next one has no clue and passes you on again.

  • laago - Useless

    I am using the trial of this for about 2 weeks. I have used other Movie editors from Magix for years so am not a novice to their products.

  • jeffery l jackson - I love this product

    I love this product, but I don't think the squirrels do because they have been avoiding my yard like its a plague. I've only caught two squirrels but I'm not giving up. :-) The war against squirrels is on..