Supporting Amputees - Limbs 4 Life - Amputee Support in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia. Empowering amputees with information and support. To achieve our mission and vision, Limbs 4 Life is pursuing the following objectives. Information. Develop and distribute information resources to support individuals affected by amputation. Develop and distribute information resources to support amputee-related medical and allied health care professionals. Raise awareness of amputees and related issues within the community. Support. Deliver peer support to amputees through access to a network of trained Peer Support Volunteers. Provide on-going support to amputees through the provision of education, social or sporting programs. Advocacy. Foster positive links and partnerships with government agencies, medical and allied health professionals and community organisations to promote the welfare, concerns and needs of amputees

  • Carers, Children and Youth Program - Limbs 4 Life - Limbs 4 Life Amputee Carers, Children and Youth program is a three year pilot project supported by the nib foundation. The program is based on providing formal and social support to parents, carers and young people who have a limb difference.

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  • Andrew or not hear i come - took one start off for a few reasons

    The product states its not made for fabric even though its website shows it used on fabric. I did use it on a table cloth and worked well. you cant really see it when you are applying it so I would work out a grid system to know you applied the same amount in the same spots. I do see it wearing off in some traffics spots. Also it does leave a chalky film on items that are darker. Other then that it works as expected, I don't see wearing it on clothes due to texture, great for shoes or light colored jackets.

  • shawn brooks - STAY AWAY!!

    Worked for about 6 hrs at most on first trip then quit. Waited to long to return to Amazon. The negative reviews for this item are true. You have been warned I wish I would have kept my money.

  • Desert Gypsy - My use = natural kitty repellant

    To keep a new kitty out of certain areas that I'd like to remain "mine" I put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place in a tiny dish in those areas. Kitty took one whiff of the citrus scent and lost all interest in exploring my turf. Lasts several days before needing refreshing without being extremely strong or overpowering. Nice to have that lemongrass scent drift up from under my favorite chair and at the same time keep kitty from hiding underneath and getting caught up in the recliner works. Well priced, nice selection of scents, seems to be good quality. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • Jane Doe - Very suspenseful!

    This book kept me reading to find out what happens next. The story was very mysterious, I could not not stop reading . A very good book!. A lot of twist and turns through out the book. Enjoyed reading it!

  • C. Vachon - Skin if softer.

    I'm 60 yrs old. Skin is feeling a lot softer. My skin was burning under my eyes when I got out of the shower. But since I've been using this it has not. It feels very soft too. I've only used it a little over two weeks so we'll see what else it may do for me. I'll update later.