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  • Theresa Santoro - and I get sucked in every time they change their marketing

    I bought the original a few years back, and I get sucked in every time they change their marketing... No more! I ordered the new and improved stylus which splattered all over... the newer better foundation that still cakes around the eyes... Plus...does this stuff ever dry so you can put on the rest of your makeup... Save the a sponge applicator and call it a day. Really not worth the $$$ the frustration or the effort.

  • blue lady - Worked wonders for my pet

    My Dog was covered with some type of sores all over his body and nothing helped, doc tried every drug and test available to the tune of $3,00.00 and finally suggested shampooing him with this product and lo and behold his skin problem cleared up. He had been on a diet food for ever and nothing helped until the shampoo and it has been six months since he has been free of sores. I love this product.

  • F. Valerio - The price to pay for no customer service

    I'll start by saying, Magic Jack is not for everyone. It does help a little if you are savvy with computers, home networks and router settings. Magic Jack Plus works great as long as your home network equipment is configured to work efficiently (QOS) and your internet service is fast, stable and reliable. Most of the complaints I read about on here have a lot to do with slow internet connections, network lag, network congestion, cable modems losing sync, etc.... I know this because I've been there. Once upon a time I had what I thought was terrible VIOP service. It turned out it was not the VOIP service but my cable signal after entering the house. The problem was I had way too many splitters on my coax lines and so my internet would work OK with the weak signal but when it comes to voice over IP there is no forgiveness for any delay,lag or jitter. All the streaming bits have to arrive in order and in a timely fashion. You see this is way more forgiving if you are just loading a web page, sending email or logging in to check facebook. It would just appear as a slight delay for the page to load. But with a phone call it's way different. A small delay of the bits streaming in could sound like your trying to talk under water, garbled, stutter or worst yet a dropped call. So it is extremely important to know if you have an excellent internet connection before you jump on the VOIP wagon. One thing you can do to test your connection is go over to and see what your speeds you are getting and check on the quality of your internet connection. On that site you can check for download speed, upload speed, ping time, and jitter. You can also compare your results and see how you rank among the rest of the other ISP's.

  • Wanda Egelhof - It ok

    I only got this for school reasons, one of the classes I was taking needed Access as well. Microsoft dose not provide this with all the rest when you buy office, it comes with all the rest, words, power point, excel, etc.. I always wonder why, I mean most business use words, excel and power point, and it comes standard in both home and business versions, "will now I know". I would not use Access even if I owned my own business, why? Access is as good as Excel, excel is a better program and more user friendly. Of course Access is a Data base program however, in today society I feel Access is a little out dated. If you like a data base more then excel then this if a good program however, if a person is not facular with a data base program then I would recommend sticking to excel.

  • Nicole Moroz - Do not buy!! Scam!!

    I was a brief distributor for this company. I will never go back. Ever! What they don't openly tell people is that their supplements are made for a 150lb person. If you weight more, you need to take more. This suppliment did nothing for me except make me nauseous and have heartburn. Huge waste of money. You're better off with a gym membership rather than this overpriced pill. I tried several of their products. The greens were amazing! Everything else is a waste of money and they rope you in for 3 months as a loyal customer and you are obligated to continue buying from them. GNC people 😊

  • ttyltj - Too Faced never upsets!

    This is NOT a fake-- wanted to point this out because of a few other reviews. I found that this works great as a primer, even for my insanely oily lids. I put a little powder on my lid before the primer and after and find that my eyeshadows go on beautifully. NOW the only complaint I have is that it creases on me when I put on NYX jumbo pencil on top of it. I'm not sure why it does that but I have to be super careful because it's very obvious. I would probably give it 4 and 1/2 stars for that but I don't have an option to do that :-P. I haven't tried UDPP yet, but I do have a bottle which I'm planning on using soon SO I CAN'T TELL COMPARISONS YET! Hope to be able to soon. But anyways you get a great price here on Amazon for a REAL product, so might as well get this or the UDPP (which is also cheaper on Amazon).

  • Ryan899uv7 - My SAVIOR!!!

    Coming from a Caribbean household, many of the things we cook tend to either be greasy and make a mess, or leave a mess once we're eating them. And no matter how much you clean and mop and sweep and scrub, it only ever takes one little crumb to call in the horde.