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  • brad - Junk

    Junk, never worked corectly. Button functions don't respond all the time. Charger port never lined up correctly. Wanted to return or replace but only one month eligibility when I tried. Quit charging at 5 weeks

  • JS1018 - Single front wheel model is not good, go for 2011

    I did a lot of research on this stroller before I bought it. It seemed to have all the features I needed in a stroller. For the first 5 months that I used the stroller it worked really well.

  • Gregory M. Boen - All better now. Note to new users

    I've had morning sinus drain for some years. First time I ever bought anything from infomercial info.

  • K. Wall - Run Free

    I've been on septic for 10 years. Recently as a preventative maintenance move had my tank open to check and empty. Service man told me that he didn't know what We were doing but we should keep doing it. Tank was in excellent shape as far as decomposition goes. what I have been doing is using RID-X for years. Frequency about every 2 months. i credit it for keeping me flushing. We also run a dishwasher and clothes washer into the tank. bthere's just two of us so if you have heavier usage you might need to treat monthly. Cheap vs digging up a tank or worse lines.