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  • Sara Rogers - Only worked for 2 months

    I was extremely pleased with this product for the 2 months that I got to use it. It has since broken and I am not sure why, it just sits on my nightstand and suddenly it stopped working. I tried changing the battery but that also didn't work. I guess if you only need it for a short period of time this would be great, or maybe the one that I had was just defective, I am not sure, but I am not pleased with it.

  • Swisher - Not Worth It

    Bought this for my 4 year old granddaughter at the hinting from my daughter, for Christmas. My grandaughter lost interest in it after about a day. The games are somewhat difficult to understand for someone that young, its confusing to any child (even after showing them), how to use the camera, the painting app, etc. It was out of the question to set up the internet and browsing for online games or even videos as she had no idea of what to press or how to use the Leapfrog, even with plenty of instruction from her mother. There are game "cartridges" (seems a little outdated?) to plug in to play children's games, and without sitting to show your children repeatedly how to operate the system and play these games, its not useful. I noticed that the games are not as responsive as they should be (probably a system problem) and difficult for a child to understand.

  • John F. Hebert - I feel much more energy, wake up early, sleep well.

    Ok, I am as skeptical of a human as you get and I don't have health insurance so keeping my self healthy is always on my mind. I'm 36 years old and i bike daily 12 to 15 miles just commuting as well as an occasional 30 mile ride, so I was wondering why for the past 9 months I just felt "old" tired, always got "too much sleep" irregular bm etc. I got Cellfood 4 days ago and have been taking 8 drop (2) twice a day.

  • 3DMan - Best Internet Security Software!

    I've been using G-Data for the past 2 Years and it works great, it catches any malware,virus's or trogen's, I use to use Kapersky internet security but caught some virus of the web that Kapersky could not get rid of, so I thought I would try G-Data internet Security after researching the web and see the high marks in received at Virus Bulletins website, even right now it is still at the top of the list on VB100 website. most antivirus programs only have one antivirus engine scanning your PC at all times, G-data has 2 Antivirus engines scanning your PC at all times, G data uses the Bit defender antivirus engine and the Avast antivirus engine running together side by side on your PC, to help make sure you don't pick up any malware of the web or viruses from a download, its money well spent. you can also customize allot of the settings also.

  • Proven by Fire - Great golf ball.

    This golf ball is consistent and each one performs the same everytime. My purchase of these balls was a great idea.

  • Kindle Customer - Quality product that has worked for me for years.

    Worth the extra few bucks to cover everything in my house. I can control updates to my kids laptops when they forget (as they usually do). That helps keep our house secure. No virus issues, yet....