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  • Vitamin B12 - Zhejiang Chempharm Industry And Trading Co., Ltd. - Standard:CP2005, Bp2004, USP28, EP5 Packing:1000g/ tin, 500g/ tin, 100g/ tin Crimson cryatal or cryatalline powder, flavorless and tasteless.

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  • Newmom2011 - Hoping to see more results soon...

    I am overly stressed and anxious lately. The last year has been really rough due to many, many things and it's all just starting to boil over. I decided to try CALM NOW to see if I could manage my stress and anxiety a little better. I've also been trying to be more aware or triggers and help reduce them in my life as well.

  • mystery lover-Pat - Give this a try......

    Took a chance on this and have been using for 2 weeks and already see a big difference. My Nails are clearing up, my 2 big toe nails, they were painful at times, but no pain since I started using this and Happy Feet socks. It does smell bad, but reasonable price and easy to use and best of all looks like it will do the job. Will try to update in another few weeks.

  • Sandra - Great story

    Hale and Luke, red riding hood and a lone wolf. Meant to be together or apart? And there is the big bad wolf to complicate everything.

  • Alen T. - Good price. It gets rid of my snoring/breathing loudly ...

    Good price. It gets rid of my snoring/breathing loudly when I sleep problem. I attach a fitbit to myself to see how often I move when I sleep and with this on my nose, I noticed that I barely move or not move at all. This greatly decrease the amount of times I move around in bed and gives me a better amount of sleep at night.

  • woodwacker - Titebond Hide glue is the best adhesive you can buy for interior wood working.

    Titebond Hide glue is the best adhesive you can buy for interior wood working. It requires tight fitting joints, warm temperatures, a current expiration date and due diligence between shipper and customer. Judging from some of the reviews some vendors are sending bottles older than their expiration date or sending bottles which were heated. We use this adhesive extensively and would not consider any other so called wood glue. Why is it better? Longer working time - up to 30 minutes if kept warm. In tight fitting joints, nothing short of epoxy has better adhesive capabilities. (Epoxy costs ten time more and cannot be dis-assembled.) Hide glue is easily dis-assembled with heat or steam. New hide glue will adhere to very old hide glue, no sanding or scraping. (We repair 100 year old guitars.) No other wood glue can do this. Hide glue dried in the joint does not clog sand paper. You have to scrape off or wipe off the glue globs outside of that tight fitting joint. True, hide glue just sitting on a surface will not dry unless heated to over 150 degrees. Once dry, hide glue does not form a ridge outside of a panel joint, for example in a table top. PVA glues all do this. Hide glue dries exceptionally hard. PVA glues remain plastic. Hide glue is easy to clean up when working with hard woods. It wipes off nicely with near dry damp cloth. PVA glues don't wipe and the foaming glues are a huge mess. Problems: hide glue has zero gap filling capabilities. Try thick cyano for that problem. Hide glue cannot be stressed for 24 hours. You have to clamp it and come back the next day. For some applications, the longer working time may be a problem.

  • Maria Figueroa - Amazing !

    My god, Gaga never disappoints. The only song I am not particularly fond of is A-YO but that's only because I'm not a fan of country music, and it was definitely country-inspired. My absolute favorite was Grigio Girls, followed by Hey Girl. A simply down-to-earth album with a 90s vibe all over. Simply the best <3