MarksMan Healthcare | HEOR and Scientific Communications - MarksMan Healthcare Solutions is an International Patient Access Services (HEOR, PRMA and RWE) and Scientific Communications consulting based in India.

  • Contact Us | MarksMan Healthcare Solutions - Corporate office Address: Ramai Mansion, 1st Floor, Plot No. 6, Sector 12A, Kopar Khairane,Navi Mumbai - 400709, E-mail: [email protected]
  • About Founder and CEO | MarksMan Healthcare Solutions - Dr. Amit Dang, recipient of "Uppsala Award" and "Indian Leadership Award for Healthcare Excellence" is the founder and CEO of MarksMan Healthcare Solutions
  • Team | MarksMan Healthcare Solutions - Team capabilities include HEOR, market access, EBM, RWE, reimbursement analysis, literature search, statistical softwares, Stata, winBUGS, RevMan, Addis and CMA
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) | HEOR - We provide CER evidence by developing information based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) for clinicians by conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis
  • Health Economic Evaluation | HEOR - We have rich experience in conducting Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Cost Utility Analysis and Cost Minimization Analysis
  • Economic Modeling | HEOR - Our modelers can develop Cost Effectiveness Models, Budget Impact Model, Interactive Models and Disease Burden Models to simulate real-world patient outcomes
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Submission | HEOR - We support Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions to NICE including MTA and STA. Others include SMC, CADTH, PBAC and IQWiG
  • Global Value Dossier (GVD) | HEOR - Our team can build robust Global Value Dossier (GVD) to ensure reimbursement from PBAC, NICE, US managed care, CADTH, NHS and AMCP
  • Critical Appraisals | HEOR - Our team is well versed with various critical appraisal tools to assess the published scientific literature for best evidence based healthcare decision making
  • Data Curation | HEOR - Our HEOR analysts are experts in data curation, data extraction, data cleaning, data quality control and data oriented value creation for your business
  • Value communication | Medical Writing | HEOR - Our medical writers are proven performers in manuscript writing, scientific publications, publication management, editorial support and poster development
  • Retrospective and Observational Studies | RWE - We can analyze EHR data, patient charts and prepare disease registries to collect data relevant to effectiveness, safety and cost benefit of a drug for RWE.
  • Epidemiological Studies | RWE - We conduct descriptive studies as well as analytic studies, can tailor made the data collection methods and help in report writing and publishing the same.
  • Payers Mapping I PRMA I PAS Services - We offer payer and key influencer mapping to assist clients in drafting “Local Value Dossiers” and “Payer Partnership Plans” to capitalize on reimbursement
  • KOL Mapping I PRMA I PAS Services - We can support the pharma companies by conducting “Physician’s Response Survey” or “Physician’s Perception Mapping” surveys and getting them published.
  • Pricing Research Value Proposition I PRMA  - MarksMan can assist pharma manufacturers to compare the prices of the interventions, facilitating easy reimbursement and lead better market access.
  • Reimbursement Analysis I PRMA I PAS Services - We at MarksMan can help you by creating predictors and conducting analogue studies to facilitate pharma manufacturers achieve reimbursement for their product.
  • HTA Monitoring I PRMA I PAS Services - We have experience submitting to HTA agencies including the United Kingdom (NICE, SMC, AWMSG, JCVI), Sweden (TLV), Australia (PBAC), and Canada (CDR).
  • Market Access Landscape Assessment I PAS Services - MarksMan engages key stakeholders, survey the reimbursement landscape and generate value insights & messaging to help shape your market access process.
  • Product Monograph I Product Launch I Medico-Marketing - We at MarksMan, assimilate health professional information, scientific and consumer information to draft and design comprehensive product monograph. 
  • Slide Set Presentation I Product Launch I Medico-Marketing - MarksMan supports Medical Affairs divisions of several leading life sciences companies in preparation of slide decks  for scientific and business meetings. 
  • Field Force Training I Product Launch I Medico-Marketing - Experts at MarksMan can engage the medical representatives by using visually stimulating material and sophisticated training environment.
  • Patient Education Material I Product Launch I Medico-Marketing - At MarksMan, we develop patient education products (booklets and brochures) as a foundational principle of health literacy and patient engagement.
  • Data Analysis and Management I Scientific Writing - MarksMan caters clinical data analytical services by extracting valuable information out of data. We ensure that data is clean and of high quality.
  • Original Research Manuscript I Scientific Writing - Our writers are experts in analyzing raw research data and producing original and top-quality scientific and medical manuscripts for publication. 

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