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  • John S - Very protective, very slim, very good

    This is a great case, for the pretty reasonable price of $30. I had bought the black one, so I can't make many opinions on looks since it's pretty basic, but it's a quality case. The buttons are all covered and allow for great flex and movement, not requiring any extra force to hit the iPhone button underneath. This is one of the top things I look for in a case and it delivers. Another point is it is very slim while having great protection. I have the 6 Plus and this case made it easier to hold while not adding a ton of extra case space. There is a front lip to protect the screen and it barely covers any of the front, and of course it makes the camera recessed, the weirdest design decision on Apple's part.

  • J. Daigneault - MMMMmmm

    I had read a bunch of reviews from guys saying they were offended by all the jokes against males, so I thought they were just being "we todd it". I mean there are soooo many movies with the bimbo girl and we ladies don't even blink twice it's been brainwashed into our heads that it's acceptable. I say if you can dish it you can take it. Unfortunately that is not what's wrong with the movie. It's just not a blockbuster. My favorite parts were when they play the original theme song and the dancing. I would have jumped out of bed and did a dance myself if they had played the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters song! …."we're gonna have to take control…" Oh well.