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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Marina Murray - Fantastic

    This cologne came on time and smells great. It smells very husky and masculine. Really attractive bottle and I love the designs and engravings. The only think though is the cap on the cylinder packaging is a little wobbly and won't completely keep put. But I love the cologne because of its smell.

  • Chris Martinez - This lavender essential oil smells amazing, it is very fragrant

    This lavender essential oil smells amazing, it is very fragrant. Lavender oil has so many benefits and can be used in so many ways. I have been adding it to my cleaning solution for an added dose of fragrance. I was curious to see if the smell would work if I added a few drops to a dryer sheet, and it made my laundry smell great! I then also decided to add a few drop with each amount of laundry detergent and I am really like how the lavender oil has made my clothes smell so good.

  • Sweet Pea - Ok, but not worth it

    I've been using the Eye Serum in conjunction with the Eye Treatment Cream for about a month now & I don't notice anything. At times, my eyelids can be very dry - and these products have helped with that (but anything has), but as for helping with the under-eye circles as it suppose to do, I don't think it does anything. I am getting enough sleep, so I just don't think the product is that magnificent. It could help with crows-feet, but I don't have any to judge on that. Also, once in awhile, I have no clue how, but it gets in my eyes & makes them burn just alittle at random times, not bad, but just alittle. It also leaves gold flakes around your eyes; since I don't wear make-up (and maybe even if you do), it can sometimes be slightly annoying to pick them off your face.

  • Jcooper90 - While it works - Its good

    I had this just over a year - used it maybe 10-12 times.....When it works, it works great - makes room temp beer cold in only a few min...

  • Marion C McLeod Jr - Hoping For Better

    Books co-authored not up to past series. Realize author is trying to "pass the baton" but son doesn't have the life experiences or writing skills of the father. Still reading every book in hopes some of the old qualities will surface.

  • Michael - Nothing like trying to scare people into buying your crap software.

    I have to admit I don't have this product. I'm a recovering IT professional, so family and friends often come to me with problems. That's the case here.