Maine Medicare Plans - Martin's Point - Martin's Point Generations Advantage health care plans offer services above and beyond what Medicare provides so you get the support you need to stay as healthy as you can be.

  • Generation U from Martin's Point Generations Advantage Medicare Advantage Plan - Generation U Seminars Martin's Point Generations Advantage Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Benefits of Generations Advantage Medicare Part C - Martin's Point Health Care - Whether you're looking for comprehensive healthcare benefits, prescription drug coverage, or the freedom to see the doctors you want, we have a Medicare Generations Advantage plan that best fits your life.
  • Medicare Prime Plan (HMO-POS) Generations Advantage in ME & NH - Martin's Point - Generations Advantage Prime (HMO-POS) offers comprehensive medical coverage, plus prescription drug coverage. You can use in-network providers and pay low copayments for services, but you also have the flexibility to go outside the network for certain services with the Point of Service (POS) benefit.
  • Medicare Select (PPO) Generations Advantage Plan - Martin's Point - Generations Advantage Select (PPO) is designed for those looking for more flexibility. With this plan, you can see out-of-network doctors for all covered services, though you pay less for in-network doctors.
  • Medicare Value (HMO) Plan Generations Advantage in ME - Martin's Point - Our Generations Advantage Value healthcare plan offers services above and beyond what Medicare provides so you get the support you need to stay as healthy as you can be.
  • Medicare Plan Ratings for Generations Advantage from Martin's Point in ME & NH - Year over year, our Prime (HMO-POS) plan has achieved high ratings from Medicare. At Martin's Point we are especially proud of our ratings in service and quality.
  • Why Martin's Point Generations Advantage? - If you live in Maine or parts of New Hampshire, there are a lot of great reasons why you should consider joining one of our Generations Advantage plans!
  • Enroll in Generations Advantage Medicare Part C Plan from Martin's Point in NE & NH - Enroll in Martin's Point Generations Advantage plan by print/mail, email, phone, in-person.
  • Medicare Enrollment Period - Generations Advantage - Martin's Point - Find out when you can enroll, join, or switch to a Martin's Point Medicare Generations Advantage plan.
  • Medicare Generations Advantage Online Enrollment for 2016 - Martin's Point - Enroll online in 2016 to join a Martin's Point Medicare Generations Advantage plan.
  • Why a Doctor Designated as Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) Doctor is Important - Your PCP is the best place to start when you need any type of health care. He or she can take care of your preventive care, diagnose diseases and illnesses, and help you find the right specialists when you need them.
  • Choosing a Doctor to be your Primary Care Physician (PCP) - How to choose a doctor or nurse to be your primary care physician for Martin's Point Generations Advantage plan members.
  • Medical Provider and Hospital Directory Help - Help using the Martin's Point Generations Advantage search feature to find doctors, specialists, hospitals and medical facilities.
  • FAQs for our Medical Provider and Hospital Directory Search - Frequently asked questions about Primary Care Physicians (PCP), finding health providers or medical facilities for Martin's Point Generations Advantage plan members.
  • Prescription, Drug & Pharmacy Search Tool for Medicare Generations Advantage Prime & Select - Search for pharmacies, medications and prescritpion drugs covered by Generations Advantage Prime (HMO-POS) and Select (PPO)

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