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  • Jorge - Good value for money

    A couple of niggles - the instructions enclosed appeared to be for a slightly different version of the unit so a bit confusing and the internal battery is useless since it runs flat in less than a day even with the unit switched off.

  • Jen @ booksthathook dot com - Exciting story!

    THE CANDIDATE is a must-read for October 2016! It’s a fast-paced thrill ride with interesting, three dimensional characters. If you like political thrillers, you should definitely check this one out.

  • Kindle Customer - I'm glad I took her advise

    I was doing spring cleaning and my daughter suggested purchasing Krud Kutter, I had never heard of it. I'm glad I took her advise. I had two bathroom ceilings to clean. It's tough enough doing walls, but ceilings are the worse. Condensation spots, calcium deposit and dirt was completely eliminated with Kurd Kutter! In a slightly sadistic way, I'm looking forward to fall cleaning. 😊

  • Christopher B. Jonnes - Cripes!

    Alfred Lansing subtitled his book, Endurance, as "The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Told." That's a tall claim, and he may be right. In terms of the limits of hardship the human body can endure, only one book rivals this incredible true story: Slavomir Rawicz's "The Long Walk" (which I enthusiastically recommend).


    This program installs easily and is easy to use. Downloads from my various banks, trading companies and investment firms were easy to set up. Downloads run quickly. Additions to categories are easy to add.

  • Paul Easton - It seems to work fine

    It seems to work fine and is non intrusive and has competent 24hr support. Too bad I cant say the same for I give them 2 stars. Inexpensive, but zero support.