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  • Sevda - mini projector

    This projector works great! Used for outdoor movie night with laptop and hdmi cable. Moved back so screen would be really big and picture was still focused and even clear enough to read words. If you're using outside, I would suggest speakers but sound is pretty good.

  • Desert Dweller - Good Product, But Pricey

    According to my Dr. My body is overproducing hystamines, which causes me to itch all the time. I have tried many remedies and this is the first one that has provided some relief. I just wish it wasn't so pricey.

  • yubin p. - Feels very good in the hand for an ambidextrous mouse.

    Feels very good in the hand for an ambidextrous mouse. Good battery life, lower input lag than some usb mouse according to linustech's review. Good tracking. Overall a very good mouse. My only complaint is that my right click is mushy and kinda loose like some others mentioned, it should not be a problem but I would exchange it just in case it would get worse in the future, at the end it is an $150 mouse, I don't want anything wrong with it.

  • Ninive - This cause me my perfect skin. I started itching and breaking out everywhere ...

    This cause me my perfect skin. I started itching and breaking out everywhere as soon as it entered my system. And this isn't due to biotin as some people claim because I previously use it with no problem.

  • Sassy Lady - Works Great

    This product is made for babies, but it's also excellent for use on adults who have incontenince. Urine can burn the skin and cause pain and discomfort. This stops the pain and irritation very fast and protects the skin for hours. It is a little hard to use because it is very thick and difficult to get on the fingers for use. But it's worth the inconvenience because it works so well. I bought the 16 oz size because I thought it would last a long time.

  • Brian S - Nas with a North Carolinian drawl

    Albeit the album is not flawless, J Cole puts forth an impressive sophomore album. He tackles issues that other rappers elude. Subjects include virginity, the race complex in music, reality divas, adolescence and a host of other issues that inner city youths are conflicted with. He doesnt speak from a typical street thug aspect. Cole speaks as a kid who is educated and middle class. There is no facade in his persona. Loved the album with the exception of a few songs. Overall I would recommend this to casual fans as well as rap aficionados.

  • Blake H. - (thankfully did not break but didnt hold pressure for sure) It is prety cool to be able to charge my phone and stuff ...

    I was expecting something with hinges on the sides possibly to make it seal tight but the only thing holding the top and bottom together is the single strap with a plastic buckle.