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  • Constantinos Maltezos - One More Peg Added Due to Expense

    Avast and hear me sad tale o' woe, hearties. Me old pappy taught me everything he knew, aye, but he warned me that the one lesson I'd regret not payin' attention to was 'ow to avoid huge ships. Oh, me bein' a know-it-all lad, I reckoned that as I could avoid small ships and medium ships and even medium-to-large ships wit' ease, I needed no old salt's naggin' about 'ow to hard to port when I sees a giant floatin' hunk o' metal ahead. 'Twas a close call in the Gulf o' Mexico with a ship of huge size but sneakier than a tiger shark that raised me patch AND opened the lid of me remainin' eyeball. I heard about this here book and looked lively about gettin' it. When I saw the price o' two double aught pieces o' eight, though, I near dropped anchor in me pantaloons. Thinkin' I'd rather save me tin for women and gin, I passed on it.

  • BIGSHAQ - Two thumbs up!!!

    My fiancé got this for me to play video games and watch movies and I used for the first time last week at a bachelor party. It was great. Easy to set up and use and the guys loved it. What a great value. Will definitely recommend this to anyone.