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  • Kaizer Husein - easy to use

    great product. works well within 24 hours. 2 more applications within the next 48 hours will removed the most stubborn hardest corns & callouses

  • Katie_editor4u - Buyer Beware. ZERO stars!

    Proactive is touted as being the #1 acne solution out there. It's pricey by itself and then add S&H--ouch! Worse, you get stuck in a revolving door of automatic re-order and their customer service sucks. Don't be conned by the magazine endorsements or the glossy commercials with famous personalities and 'every day' customers.

  • G. Gibson - The worst Office yet.

    Absolutely the worst version of Office yet. Microsoft has made Office virtually unusable with the washed out paper white color. or lack of color, and enormous ribbons that take up huge amounts of screen space. Your choice of background color is basically white or gray, and everything blends together because there is absolutely no contrast. Irritating on the eyes, and virtually unusable. I will be making a transition away from MS Office. Somebody should be fired at Microsoft for putting out such a terrible product. DO NOT BUY.

  • Yvette Gilliam - This stuff sux

    It worked for 1 day and then the odor returned. I ended up using a home remedy that was not only effective but much, much cheaper. I found a site that offered to rememdies to remove cat urine odor in my rug. The first was to mix white vinegar and water, 50-50. The second was to mix peroxide, baking soda, and a few drips of dish washing detergant. I did both remedies, one after the other, and although to smell was a bit poignant and my son had to sleep with me for a night becuase of the smell and the chill in the room, it worked and the smell hasn't returned. This neutralizes the amonia in the urine crystals permanently.

  • Bryan - It's ok.

    Fun to play but many countries ranked too low. People use the same strong teams online and are afraid to take a risk with different teams outside the normal elite like Brazil, Spain etc...

  • slowbutshure - Fun on a bike

    If you love bikes and the bicycle life style, but are not really into racing either as a participant or observer, this magazine is a good one. Fun on a bicycle seems to be a common theme.