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  • Brandy Alexander - Do you own pets that shed?

    With five cats in a small one bedroom condo I was losing the daily battle with cat hair,dander,litter and litter dust..Until I purchased this vacuum.It's simply amazing for cleaning up pet hair and assorted pet filth.

  • David Bond - i think it is a really good idea and if i had a compatible machine/operating system ...

    not very compatible, it dosent work on that many different computers or operating systems. havent got the thing to work for me yet. i think it is a really good idea and if i had a compatible machine/operating system it might be fun. but something is really lacking.

  • J. Stobbs - Not bad, but not as good as the price suggests it should be.

    Good product. Several better products out there with a lower price. I currently use C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream, half the price and last 50% longer because it dispenses from a tube.

  • Hernan Cifuentes - Muy buenos

    Me parecen excelentes y sobre todo a muy buen precio para un principiante como yo. No tengo queja alguna y me siento muy comodo pegando sobre todo con los híbridos y las maderas. El Put tiene muy buen balance. Y la bolsa es muy comoda.Ya he jugado unas 10 veces y cada dia me parecen mejores.

  • JanJan - Best Cleaner EVER

    I sprayed gravestones in July. I came back in November and it took all the mold/algae completely off of them! It's a miracle! Didn't hurt the flowers either. I'm sold. Next spring, I'm attacking the northside shingles. Can't wait! Wish I had a tractor trailer-full of this.

  • J. Costa - Watch out for this

    Look for reviews of this on Google. You will find lots of them. All sponsored by this company. That should tell you something. The claims are wildly exaggerated.

  • Amazon Customer - who knows if it works. I still lose hair ...

    who knows if it works. I still lose hair! But Aveda would say, you are losing 33% less do they know!