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  • Crystal W. - Decent conditioning hair mask.

    I have super flaky dry skin, especially in the winter time. Even my scalp gets super flaky and icky. I use a specific shampoo called Nizoram to get my hair and scalp clean, however, I still need to condition my hair, otherwise, it's will "fro" out and become impossible to brush. I prefer all natural solutions for conditioning, but cannot quite find the right product.

  • Emily - Great product if you actually read the directions!

    I had a rust stain in the bathtub, I let it sit for about an half an hour then I used hot water with the dark brown scrub, it came right out! Don't forget you need to maintain it by using 20% zap then fill the rest with water! I use it for everything!

  • Delome Mccalister - Awesome product!

    Our family has used Sayman Salve for decades on cuts, scrapes & other skin irritations. It supplies instant relief, and if you put it on at bed time, the pain is almost always completely gone when you wake up in the morning. It's perfect for cracked heals and hands too!

  • Tom Burger - Bought it for a friend

    The author thoroughly revises this book every year to account for the ever evolving methods of companies finding good candidates and the development of new tools for finding a new job or modifying one's career. My friend tends to shun advice and help, but in a weak moment, and with nothing else at hand for her to read, she picked it up almost a month after delivery. I just got a call with those wonderful words we all love to hear, "Your were right and I was wrong." Of course the acid test will be to see if she works the exercises and actually discovers a more rewarding line of work, or at least finds a more rewarding role in the work she currently does, which is medical billing. My advice to everyone else? Don't get into medical billing.

  • Janet Finn - Luminess is not what they claim

    Please don't waste your money. No matter how you follow the video's and book. You use 3 to 4 (or more) times the drops they say to use. The bottles are plastic and break easily and also upon ordering, or come already broken. Hope they send you what you order. Many friends are ordering #3 and they are sent #4. The instructions for cleaning the machine are poor, and really bad to follow. Ordering the makeup is a revolving circle where your not sure if your order goes through for a while.

  • Capt. William Flint - Thinly Veiled Right Wing Catholic Propaganda

    Unlike a recent reviewer, we did not find this to be "conservative". We found it to be a product of an extremist right wing organization whose stated goals is the creation of a fundamentalist catholic society.

  • Chiquita - Too difficult to tighten

    I wanted to love this car seat. I did a lot of research before choosing this one and it seemed perfect for us. My daughter loves to sleep in the car, so the cushiness was just an added a bonus. It was also pretty simple to install (though originally sent ready for forward facing, which I thought was odd).