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  • Amazon Customer - Frustration.

    Purchased for $20 during the Dove promotion and have been playing for the last couple of days. I regret this purchase. Here's why.

  • Clair White - great

    It was just what my son was looking for and the price was great, and I would recommend this to all my friends

  • Donnie - works great, light is bright

    OMG.. the 70s are back!!!!! works great , light is bright. I received this item in exchange for my honest review

  • Chris - Disappointed

    I love Ojon and it appears to be going out of business based on Ulta having on the clearance rack and not getting any more in stock. I have been using Ojon for a long time and it is by far the best product for my hair on all accounts. Unfortunately it does not last long and for the price of the tub I can see why it might not be able to survive. This tub was a different color than it has been in the past and does not have the same smell. I think maybe they changed the make up of it and that might have something to do with its demise. This is a off white real faded yellow color whereas the old version was brown and somewhat gritty. Of them dissolve in your hand upon moving it around but the consistency, color, smell and quality is definitely off for the price of $38. Im so sad because I loved this stuff.

  • Amazon Customer - If you dont buy it you're like tue flyers... you suck

    Must have for pens fans. Great production. I couldn't wait until next season to see the penguins kick butt again. Nice in blu ray. Cool special features

  • BV Cody Dog - Great shoe. I am no pro biker

    Great shoe. I am no pro biker, but these work great. They fit perfect, very comfortable. The latch on the top buckle is good and sturdy, makes for a very easy to use shoe that fits tight with good comfort.

  • Jrin - such a disapoint

    I was so excited for this new parent organizer. I love my stroller can't imagine life without it but I needed this little parent organization. I was able to fit many different sized bottles in the cup holder area. My water bottle won't fit in it though. The slip pockets are really rather useless. It is only useful to slip in my phone. I can't carry a toy or snack or pacifer in them. Right now my daughter sits facing me but when I turn the seat around I won't be able to recline the seat. I don't know if there is a solution. Maybe I just can't have a parent organizer and have my daughter reclined in the forward position. Bottom line for me is i would rather have one with a bit more room for organization.