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  • Lynnster - Great read!

    Another great read from Klein. I only wish my lib friends would read this book & all the Wikileaks. Hard to believe anyone would vote the Clinton machine back into office. And I feel badly for the White House staff, secret service & general workers, all of whom will be ill-treated once again by this horrible, horrible woman, HRC...

  • JPegg - I had a very hard time breastfeeding after my scheduled ...

    I had a very hard time breastfeeding after my scheduled C-section at 37 weeks (due to health reasons). I tried everything I could to be successful and this was my last resort. I may have waited too long for this to be successful, but it did not improve my production at all.

  • William L. Condon - Warm and comfortable

    This Honeywell heater does a very good job heating our 12x16' bedroom. It heats the room up to a comfortable level in less that 15 minutes. The heat is projected to all areas of the room in a quiet and efficient manner. We are pleased with this heater as a supplemental heat source for this purpose and would recommend it happily.

  • DukeGal19 - Fantastic product!

    A fantastic invention. I couldn't stand using a neti pot to do sinus was uncomfortable and messy. This device works great. So fast and it has helped so much with my sinus issues.

  • WDMoyle - Finally a facial cleanser that I feel comfortable using while pregnant

    Finally a facial cleanser that I feel comfortable using while pregnant. Which I despretaly need since these babies make me break out like a middle schooler. This helps greatly and makes my skin feel great afterward. It is packaged beautifully and has the list of ingredients on the package with a special note on which ones are organize and which ones are not. It is way to use. I love it!

  • Thomas Warden - My wife must love it

    I have no idea what this stuff is or what it does, but my wife must love it. Every time I get ready to place an order to Amazon, she adds this to it. It must be some good stuff for as much as it costs, and as little as you get. I just wish I new how to make it. I'd be a millionaire.