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  • AngieG - Revives hardwoods

    We use this stuff on our hardwood floors. You clean your existing floors. Allow them to dry. Put down 2-3 coats (drying in between coats) and your floors shine like you wouldn't believe. The shine will dull as soon as you use any sort of chemical floor cleaner (ammonia) but if you touch up with warm water, the shine lasts and lasts.

  • Jaime Aguillon - 2014 F150 King Ranch 5.0 V8

    Overall great sound, Gas improvement from 14 mpg to 17mpg city. Shaved off about 1 second from my 0-60.

  • gladys moreno - I drank water and ate pretty decent and BAM I had to pee every 15 ...

    I was very, very hesitant to try these when a girl from my work starting selling them, much less sign up for a "loyal customer" program! Asking around, this company has actually been in business for over 20+ years. How would they be able to stay in business if it doesn't work, right? The first wrap I purchased, I took a shower, put it on, and put a bunch of saran wrap on, drank a Diet Coke then off to bed I went! Yep, NO results! I decided to give it another try because my mom (WHO IS 60!!) said she used to do them and they worked!

  • Bill Tran - I love this product

    I love this product. This product is really great. I've been using this tea for month & it really works. I love the taste and how the give me energy in the morning. My clothes feel loose & I've nearly dropped a size. It's easier than take fat burners or diet pills! Thanks!!

  • Amazon Customer - The true unbiased review

    Well, first of all, i want to say that i bought the game a few weeks ago, i didn't have access to the game when it was released, it seems the patches and the updates have fixed most of the problems that plagued the release version.

  • listen-ear - Supersmile Whitening System, Original Mint,Set ,1.2 & 1.4 Ounce

    I prefer this product rather than using other brand name whitening strips or trays. Supersmile system seems a little more gradual but my teeth do look noticeably whiter without making them feel sensitive. I notice when I use other whitening products there was noticeable sensitivity.

  • Chief Rocka Dr. Kool - Not Upgrades, only downgrades!

    I tried to roll with this, but it takes away certain feature that were standard in the 2007,2010 versions. Yes, it was mainly for legal reasons, but this is a reduced version. On top of that - it is in the 'cloud' only! That means that you need to download it and you will never have a hard copy. This price should be $50 because of these companies making us use OUR resources to save them money but they are not saving us money!