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  • Michael R. - Best Blender I've Ever Used

    My wife has been pureeing food to make baby food at home and our old Cuisinart blender couldn't handle it. We decided to spend a little money on a decent blender and after going through some reviews we ended up with the Ninja 660. We absolutely love it.

  • Trish M McDermott - Enticing to say the least

    Can't wait to visit the places you recommend and the restaurants, too. Thanks for making our trip easier to digest and plan. You have a thorough guide that anyone can use.

  • Original Country Girl - The product is fairly good, customer service is AWFUL

    The anti-virus itself is fairly good. It has been reliable, and I've not experienced issues with my computer with it thus far. However, heaven forbid you ever need their customer service for anything because they are AWFUL. I have never dealt with such incompetence! They pass you from one person to the other, each claiming that "their department doesn't fix that but this NEXT one does" and then the next one has no clue and passes you on again.

  • Katrina P. - Not perfect, but better than crutches

    I've had a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal since June, and because I walk 2+ miles a day to get to/from work, it hasn't healed. My doctor decided in mid-October to upgrade me from a walking boot to a cast and after one day on crutches, I realized I wouldn't survive the 4 1/2 weeks if that was my only option. I've been using the iWALK2.0 for two weeks, so I feel like I can have a fairly thorough review of it. I'm going to start by addressing some of the complaints from other reviews.

  • PKL226 - Great Product -- Repeat Buyer

    I have had the WeatherTech Floor Liners in my past three cars and have been impressed with the quality of each set. These things are DURABLE. I put them through a ton of miles and years, but they still looked great. They require only a hosing off and maybe some dash protectant to appear brand new. I never had any issue with cracking, splitting, discoloration, or slipping from the OEM floor mat hook, as some have suggested.