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  • Sonny Garcia - Great value and great convenience...

    Great value and great convenience on my yearly update of my Internet protection package, Been purchasing from Amazon a few years now and will continue to as it is reliable, a great value, and a great convenience. Top of the line offering from Amazon...

  • C Williams - 2012 VERSION IS TERRIBLE!!

    If you have worked with the older versions this is not for you. This program cannot even come close to the older programs. I have used FTM for many, many years. When my previous version became incompatible with my newer computer I went ahead and bought the FTM 2012. Had I known what I was getting into I would never have done it. I assumed it would be just as easy to work with and have all the information together for each individual on a page as the older versions had. Years of work have been wrecked. People are missing, facts are missing. The format cannot compare with the older versions. It is confusing and illogical. Information that used to show immediately when you looked at an individual does not show, you have to hunt for it. I am so disappointed in this program that I am now looking for a new geneaology program to use.