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  • A. Moses - A big step up from last year...

    Loaded with new features and boasting a HUGE roster... this one will be sure to please! You can now create your own storylines, play them out, and share them online. You can also share your created superstars online as well, which is a huge bonus for all of us who rely on CAW formulas year after year. The only downside that I've come acrossed is the limit of use with the created superstars in your custom stories (up to 10 scenes & matches a story), but hey, the rest is fun... so that's easily okay to deal with. The Royal Rumble match has been drastically improved to include mini games to eliminate your opponent instead of just knocking them out. This year, Divas and only wrestle Divas and Superstars can only wrestle superstars. It isn't a big blow, because the number of matches the divas can compete in has gone way up in number (gotta love extreme rules!!) all in all, I recomend this game to casual fans and hardcore SvR gamers alike ;)

  • Kandiru - autopilot is great, you feel like you drove 15 minutes after ...

    2015 S85D. Second hand car for me, I got 7.5 years of warranty as opposed to 4 year CPO along with a 25k price drop.

  • Bradybrain - Nice one

    I'm 23 and I started to notice that my hair was thinning 3 years ago. I have always had a shaved head since I was a kid, so at first it didn't really notice. I was starting to get to the stage however that I was becoming very conscious of my hair and under strong lights, the hair loss was very noticeable. for the last year or so every time I would look in the mirror, my hair loss would be getting worse and worse. although I had not attained any complete bold spots, they were not too far off forming.

  • R. D. Christman - Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices

    Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices. Short and Sweet. Webroot has been the best for like 15 years. I've installed 1000's of times. I've never been sorry that I did. This newest version is great for old systems. It only uses a little bit of memory and resources of the computer, unlike every other product out there. I've been removing viruses from customers computers for about 20 years. I've seen all the other companies products, and I highly recommend Webroot. Buy it today!

  • Frederick Hunt - Extremely light weight

    One of the best bluetooth headsets I have come across. Modern classy and very stylish this bluetooth headset was offered at a discounted price for an honest and unbiased review. Item arrived promptly and was well packaged. The box contained the Bluetooth Headset, the USB Cable for charging, a User Manual and 3 Eartips (S, M, L) so you could choose whichever fits you best.

  • desertbarbie - Buyer beware!!

    I bought a bottle of this to put in my 14 year old son's Christmas stocking (WHAT WAS SANTA THINKING???). Of course, he could not resist spraying it in the family room in the middle of our family Christmas morning joy. WARNING: A little goes a LONGGGGG WAYYYYYYY. Instantly cleared the entire house of 5 people as we all poured out onto the deck in the freezing cold in our pajamas, choking and gagging, to escape the repulsive and disgusting odor of over-ripe, nasty, diarrhea ASS. We had to open all the doors and windows to air the house out for about an hour, and even had to wash some items in the washing machine because a teensy bit of the spray landed on them. (Thank goodness, it DOES come out in the wash!!). Call me overindulgent - or just plain crazy - but the giggles and look of delight on my son's face were priceless :-)

  • katbrio - Great for women

    It's perfect. I have it in the bathroom with a marker to track how the moon affects me. All women should try this.