Stiefel MSDS Homepage - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are provided for Stiefel, a GSK company products to allow Stiefel employer customers to meet right-to-know requirements, to safely handle Stiefel products in their workplaces, and to dispose of them properly.

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  • Julie Blain - best investment!

    I won't be sitting for the exam for another 18 mos but wanted to get started on learning the style of the NCLEX exam. I would recommend this book for anyone at university, nursing or not! Since I began using the techniques taught in the book my exam scores in all my courses, even STATISTICAL MATHS have improved as this book shows you how to break down the question to answer it correctly. It emphasizes eliminating the WRONG answers and all you are left with are correct ones . This is one of the best investments I've ever made in my 3.9 GPA proves it!

  • David Hiett - The perfect companion piece for those without a companion

    ... a great follow up read to "Drinking for One," "Sex for one," and "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven."

  • Amazon Customer - Great story.

    It was a great, engaging lead. It was more descriptive than I had expected, so it dragged a little. But it was a pleasure to read about Aurora after all this time.

  • mark allan parish - Looks Amazing

    I love the box, everything looked professionally done. I have no complaints what so ever. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to add that bump to their truck and keep those speakers out of sight. If you have the metal table things under the seat like i did, you will have to remove them in order to install this box.

  • Jord C. Gwyn - Stay away, stay far far away from this mess

    It seems as though they ran an update through the textbook but did not bother to do the merest modicum of follow up for the Practical Workbook, the Theory Workbook, the Study Guide, or the Exam Review books. It is so very hard to work from the textbook to the other books due to this. Answers in the workbooks do not match what is given in the texts, there are often more or fewer spaces for answers to fill in in the workbooks than answers given in the text, there are questions in the exams that are completely contradictory to the lessons in the text. It makes it very hard to believe anything written in the books when they contradict each other so horribly. Do yourself the biggest favour and take a pass on these books.

  • Ivelisse Ruiz - First let me say that this eye cream comes in a beautiful blue pump applicator bottle

    I received this product art a reduced price for an unbiased and honest review!! First let me say that this eye cream comes in a beautiful blue pump applicator bottle. With so many products to choose from , today presentation can be important!! But most importantly since I started using this cream I have less morning under eye puffiness and the skin under my eyes feels wonderfully hydrated.I apply this cream under and around my eyes every evening after washing my face. I live in a very dry climate and I no longer feel like I need to apply moisturizer in the morning and then reapply several times throughout the day!! I experienced no redness or irritation around my eyes after using this product and I have very sensitive skin. The applicator bottle easily dispenses just a tiny bit of the cream which is all you will need as this cream goes a very long way!! The cream is white in color and very thick and rich looking; when you put it on under your eyes it is absorbed very quickly with no running of the cream and it left no feelings of greasiness or stickiness after application. The scent is very pleasant and mild! If you are looking for a high-quality eye cream that produces results then this eye cream is a great choice. I bought this at a discount for my honest review .